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Pauline Anthony reported:

The call is about car warranty expiration. Trouble is I haven't owned a vehicle since the late 1990's. Nor do I have a driver's license. Probably a scam.

Jack Mason reported:

802-830-8008 has e-mailed me that they are changing me for an iphone that is a lie. I did not call them for information but I am calling the police fraud department.

Martin reported:

Called asking for me, but would not give me their name. They just seem to want more information than just my name.

ATom reported:

Unwanted text message wanting to buy our home.

Edwina DuPont reported:

On Friday July 31st we had a locksmith from this company dispatch to 180 Goethe Hill Road to fix an ignition switch operator fix the ignition switch but now my car is in theft mode and it will not go into drive or I can't even use the automobile I've called this company from Friday July31 up until today August 3 .With no answer to my problem. This gentleman was paid $538 and some odd sense and he will not come out to see what's wrong with my automobile they keep giving me the runaround. This is the worst Locksmith Service I have ever used.

Angela reported:

I accidentally dialed this phone number.

Angela reported:

This phone number misdialed my phone number.

Angela reported:

This phone number belongs to an acquaintance of mine. This phone number is used for personal and residential purposes.

Angie Cook reported:

Number keeps sending texts to buy my house that is not for sale

Pete reported:

Social security scam alert

T.J. reported:

Called looking for a male owner (there is none). Called me a nigger, contantly cursing at me. And accused me of stealing

Lucas Bottoms reported:

Continual solicitation for homosexual intercourse! Not appropriate!

Denise Farmer reported:

I have not been harrassed by the owner of 817-479-9002 BUT I get calls from that number VERY FREQUENTLY. I just don't pick up my phone.

Ron reported:

Getting threatening calls from a fake phone call Canadian Revenue

GR reported:

A Debt Collector

Michaela Garcia reported:

Keeps calling and I don't know who it is.

Camille garrity reported:

Harassment call.

John Smith reported:

Unsolicited telemarketing call

S Daly reported:

repeated calls to my cell phone- without knowledge for reason it needs to stop- I don't answer

Greg Roberts reported:

This number keeps calling and leaves voicemails of them breathing and nothing else. I think they are trying to scam money from people

Frank Tate reported:

Unsolicited and bothersome text msg concerning Amend 2

Suzanne Sneesby reported:

They say they are with Apple support. They have called 3 times in the last hour.

Hate Scammers reported:

Didn't leave message. Caller blocked.

John reported:

called and did not leave a message, twice over.

patricia reported:

used this number as ID to create fraud account with my name

linda smith reported:

Hangs up after asking if I am Linda. Is Linda there? I say this is Linda. then caller hangs up.

Eddie J reported:

Received another call from this number on 07302020 @10:01 Caller picked up after saying Hello and in a nasty voice asked for me. My wife said I was unavailable and caller "Put Eddie on the phone" Wife repeats Eddie's unavailable and caller hangs up.. We won't answer unless we know who's calling usually. Leave a message and then we'll call ya back

al darby reported:

Someone at 240 south greer

Dan Rivera reported:

It texts me "hello beautiful it's Lauren we met recently. View my vids and let's meet later.". Under lockown Unless she delivers my groceries how could I have met it! It's a scam. Porno site. Virus magnet don't go there. It's trouble for sure.

Betty Ernest reported:

used caller ID name Idaho Pizza with this number

censored reported:

Unknown caller. I've been getting a lot of spam calls. Suspect it might be that otherwise they would of left a message. Most messages left lately are automated calls.

L. Abelson reported:

Scam in Chinese

Luis Lajara reported:

Is been calling me for about 3 day call state on the phone listen me sain hellow I your listening 👂 me talking sain hellow and hang up call about 12:15 everyday.

Kram Mij reported:

This person calls 14 year old girls ,thinks it is a pedafile

Mary Howe reported:

Repeated calls - I have blocked them with my spam blocker - probably "a Medicare advisor on a recorded line"

Mary Kate reported:

the number called my cellphone at 4:01PM and i was on my way home from work, but I didn't answer, but it didn't leave a voicemail

Dorothy reported:

I blocked the number

B.felpz reported:

Calling From Computer Systems Security ,,,,,,In VERY Broken English . I Could Hardly Understand Anything They Said ,It Was A Male , Sounded Young .

M reported:

Scammer trying to deduct $299.99 from a credit card

Cynthia Ruddell reported:

Claims to be social security office. Called back same day, got voicemail. Called back next morning call could not be completed, no longer in service?

David reported:

would not say anything just was breathing on the phone

Norm reported:

Robocall scam from Taneytown, MD. Warranty expired crap. Blocked!!!

D reported:

They say someting about my credit card being fraud. Impossible I don't even own à credit card! They are scammers.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - social security scam that says - Hello this is officer Maria Gomez from the Social Security Administration. This is to inform you that your social security number has been suspended due to some reasons we request you to call us back on 716-296-9215. I repeat 716-296-9215. Thank you. - A search shows this number to be from Cherry Creek, NY. A land line using VERIZON NEW YORK INC. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - social security scam that says - This is to notify you that due to a certain suspicious activity is related to your social security number. We have been forced to suspend your social security number with immediate effect. Due to our office. Your social security benefits will be canceled until further clearance. In case if you feel this is an error. You may contact Social Security Administration at 877-235-1876. I repeat it's 877-235-1876. - A search shows this number to be from El Paso, TX. A land line using SOUTHWESTERN BELL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

K. METCALF reported:


KG reported:

Called my cell phone. I know no one in New York. Harassing call. Blocked. Deleted.

Jackie reported:

Claiming to be social security office and gives this number to call back

B> Beck reported:

Social Security Fraud Call

Scotty black reported:

Sending harassing and vulgar texts


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