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Jody reported:

this number is sending out threatening evictions. The people they have working in the onsite office I believe scam artists and the owners don't know it cause they are out of state. Someone needs to look into this. I have a call into legal action and have a appointment for them to call me. BBB was a dead end. To many trailers in the court are labeled as not paid up to date because of an online paying system that is not working, and no help with this Heather and Josh Barren that ARE working in the on site office

Candi Holmquist reported:

Some one stolen my Ipsy account and locked it get it back for me unlock my account I need help with this Candi Holmquist

Fed up reported:

Repeated calls and hangs up a few minutes apart. Very annoying.

Donald reported:

Insurance scam, caller stated treat he works for Allstate.

barry ryan reported:

got treating call from this number

jeff reported:

been harassing me for two days,so don,t anwser the call.its a scam.

Harrassed reported:

This # calls several times but doesn't leave a message

Hank reported:

Does not have voicemail setup. Sounds like a scam.

Hank reported:

Calls - does not leave a message. This telephone number does not accept calls. Seems like all the parameters for a scam caller. DO NOT answer.

janet reported:

try to gave me money from the grovement

Quick Brown Fox reported:

An unwanted call from this Toronto, ON, CA cell number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Why would a Canadian company attempt an unlawful contact with a Southern California resident, except with criminal intent? SHAME ON YOU!

Pat Ashcraft reported:

School loan. I've never had one. I'm also on no call list.

Jo reported:

Calls repeatedly and is irritating. Unsolicited calls

Kony reported:

This is the IRS calling. Better call back the number or I will be arrested

BILL reported:


Renea luke reported:

Calling and texting my husband about drugs

F.L. reported:

This is from n energy saving Co. sounding like your power co. with your name and mailing address( mine is a PO box ) I asked questions and that is how I know who they were...they didn't announce when they started call...I simple let them know I knew what they were and told them there info was all wrong and take that # off there list! Landline :Russ and Ronda Ossmann

John reported:

Robocall claiming to be IRS threatening legal action in 24 hours. BEWARE!!!!

me reported:

sold cell w outstanding balance

Hunter reported:

Good caller

Derwin reported:

I received a text message from this number requesting that I help him because he has cancer. Text message was made to look like it was from the priest from my parish. I purchased $400.00 in iTunes cards and sent photos of the cards to the person via text. After contacting my parish priest I learned that I had been scammed

sharon reported:

They claim to be IRS filing a lawsuit

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - a mortgage scam - A search shows this number to be from Lymen, NE. A land line using LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - NE. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

art reported:

spam call on my cell

Sharon reported:

Received a call but I did not answer the call.

Susan reported:

Called my phone at 12:38pm on today, called it back when I got home less than 2 hours later, and the line says the phone is temporarily out of order. Sounds like spam to me!

Deverene Galvez reported:

Calling, harassing every day, old debt statue of limitation run out, we're disable now and living in section 8 apartment. Scam callers, and they refuse to give address to send it to authorities for investigation. So we call the FBI, TV news, for investigating this company name "SUPERIOR ACCESS MANAGEMENT"

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - NON-WORKING NUMBER - A search shows this number to be from Birmingham, AL. A land line using USA MOBILITY WIRELESS, INC..

Dennis Parrott reported:

Claiming to be IRS. To keep from going to jail call this number immediately.

Me reported:

keep getting calls from this number - I don't answer and no message!!

Ron reported:

this person keeps calling no message left!!

William Byers reported:

message states that the FBI is calling to say there is a warrant for my aresst.

Hawkeye reported:

They called but they did not leave a message, when you try to call back it tells you the number is not in service

Jonathan Uecker reported:


A reported:

texts me harassing massages. I am really scared!

Frankie Caldwell reported:

Over 70 calls today from this person & this was only 1 of the #’s they used

Gina reported:

Claiming to be Bank of America. Scammers about Debit Cards. Do NOT call!!

Roche reported:

keep calling,told them i am not interested. call anyway.

Mickie Ruiz reported:

Calls me constantly using the same prefix and different last four numbers. Continually harassing me.

Gbd reported:

Called at 6:30am on a Saturday morning twice! First a FaceTime call & didnt answer, one minute later a regular call I didn’t answer... They left now message, ugh! 😠

linnie scally reported:

proction order

Liz Van reported:

They call without saying my name & tell me that they want to serve me with a warrant at my house or job. They don't tell me what company they are with or seem to know who I am but have called twice. Both this number & from 206-212-0155

Patrick reported:

They keep calling about my student loan. Paid it off about 30 years ago.

stephanie anglebrandt reported:

told me to call back or face charges. the line is disconnceted when i call back

Michael reported:

Didn't leave voicemail message - probably annoying robo-caller phishing for a human voice. Don't bother answering.

Jeffrey Palm reported:

they keep calling and hanging up when answered.

Nunya Bidness reported:

Robo call claiming my social security benefits had been "suspended"

David reported:

Calls me (once) daily 4pm to 8pm for the last week. I do not answer when it rings. I do not pick up any unknown calls. Caller never leaves a message.

Tina reported:

Let me a message about selling extended insurance. I'm so tired of people blowing up my phone.

MARY HELEN reported:



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