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Tammy Ivey reported:

Called looking for my late husband, when I told the caller my husband passed away. He said He was going to sell me some very good meth.

Char reported:

This number was used for the social security scam. Stated my SS# was suspended.

NELSON M. PEREZ reported:

24/7 calling then no one there.

Roy Galarneau reported:

I live in Canada, about 5000 miles from Berkeley. Unless the number was "spoofed", this is the origin of the call. I did not answer the call.

Phillip Holcomb reported:

Been getting calls from this number and don't know who they are just tired of getting phone at all of the night and day!!!!

von vomit reported:

Caller has stolen my identity.

Mark Toland reported:

Call from: 805-416-2100. Called me on July 4, 2020 at 3:57 AM. Did not leave a message! How rude!

John reported:

Getting calls up to 8-10 a day. Caller spoke once, claiming to say he had additional health coverage for Medicare for me. There's a problem with that, I'm not on Medicare. Caller hangs up, but continues to call me on a daily basis.

S Hansen reported:

I believe this is a scam, trying to find out more on this number. Recording of man with British/Australian accent left on my VM but started as soon as my own recording did so I missed most of the msg. Only caught word “Amazon”. Also been slammed with fake Amazon emails saying my account is on hold requesting personal info.

Mark reported:

Call saying she going to hurt me and no one will ever know it was herb

Sally reported:

Keep calling saying nasty things and hangs up

Julien reported:

Scammer, revenue canada

Bald Dale reported:

Phoned and rudely harassed me.

Nathan ledford reported:

Trying to swell me meth

James reported:

They have called 4 times in 4 hours . Don't say anything, leave no message. Don't know who they are.cant find out who they are

Olegario Ortiz reported:

Telemarketing or spam

starr lynn reported:

my daughter got a call from that number..has no idea who this person is. if no info from you will give the number to police.

goraleski reported:

Repeated calls especially late evening.

Jackie reported:

asking for google to text voice code

T Blair reported:

back to back calls from this # within 5 minutes

Steve reported:

Who are they, they just called my home and I got no message on my answering, I never gave my phone number to them, why would they call my home? Is my question.

A name reported:

SMS claiming to be Netflix. Claims account is suspended due to payment issues.

pissed off reported:

calls & leaves no messages! DAMN SCAMERS

Rix reported:

Called and said I won 5.1 million! And to call 707-387-1097 to collect! Why wont they just bring it to my house with ballons and flowers! Rip off, most likely want me to send them money for fake taxes!

Anonymous reported:

The names are above are creating fake business is through Google my business by Google numbers burner numbers pinging off peoples numbers and salon I have proof documentation of pictures online once I reported that it has been taken down other burner number that is in Westside news under business is 585-754-8028 under S Williams a.k.a. Donna gingello dean hovis also used fake business at 35 Rand street Rochester my xl construction& xxl construction 917-658-9953 none of these businesses are bbb credited SCAMS!!!!! They change business names addresses & #s frequently again I myself am reporting because these are FACTS not allegations proof documented several different ways prior to them deleting online to cover their lies

Reynolds reported:

He put this phone number in my name. Identity theft!

harvy reported:

called - did not leave message - must be a scammer

David Hoffman reported:

Want to sell CBD, Scam!!!!!!

dina asher reported:

keeps sending text messages. i do not know this person.

Bob Ki reported:

Spam calls with no answer

Roy Lee Smith reported:

Old girlfriend that check at night to make sure I'm home. She out cheating but won't give me her location.

Rheya reported:

Spamming, scammer, harassment, stalking, Has at least five app numbers.

Teresa Frazier reported:

Calls, states one word. Sounds like "rot", and quickly hangs up.

Carrie Sue Lewis reported:

Calls everyday robo call. If you call back to request to stop there is no answer. Harrassing calls need to stop. For Solar Energy.

Max reported:

No information in Caller ID except phone number.I did not recognize number so let it ring and ring, Most likely unwanted Spam call

Jeanie reported:

They called from NORTH EAST, MD. ROBOCALL about a warranty. Hung up immediately and blocked.

Schuermann reported:

Consist calling only to call back and find it has been disconnected. Very annoying.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - some kind of scam - A search shows this number to be from Carrollton, AL. A land line using CENTURYTEL TEL AL LLC (NORTHERN) DBA CENTURYLINK. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Michael Keefer reported:

Want me to call this number back to get a 9,000 dollar grant! LOL, really? Can you say SPAM????

Chris reported:

This is a trump supporter who has been given a phone list to call. I asked to be removed from the list and they called me back again. I told her it was illegal to call me again after I asked to be removed from her list and she said to “shove it up my ass”

Misty Wright reported:

Sending racist derogatory text messages

Michelle Perkins reported:

Sending racist messages. Constant harassment.

Asta reported:

Harassing voicemail.

Jon reported:

No voice message won't answer.

Nick reported:

Gott a call from this number. When I answered it, there was nobody there and they hung up after a few seconds.

Margaret Massey reported:

931 858 1554 called and left a voicemail to say something would be shut off and to press #1 to talk to an officer but since I did not answer the cell phone I did not speak to anyone but did try to call twice but just got a message to leave my info but did not say anything except that I did not know who he was.

Ginamarie reported:

Pretending to be Medicare.

Todd reported:

She was lying to me obviously about why she was calling my number. Nice but big LIAR.

G reported:

Claimed to be Chase, saying my card was put on hold. Told me to call 1-833-557-7658 immediately.

cathy reported:

This idiot hacked my cable.


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