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Robert Huskins reported:

Repeated calls from this number at all hours of the day or night. I will prosecuteif I can find who it is.

Amy Romberger reported:

This person uses foul language and I believe has stolen this cell from my sister who's first name is Anna. I don't know how to stop them. They reply to text messages between me and my family using foul language.

Cassandra Carr reported:

Calling my job and my children giving my personal information. Also let a nasty VM on my phone and threatening messages after being asked to stop calling my phone

Cassandra Carr reported:

Calling my job and my children giving my personal information. Also let a nasty VM on my phone and threatening messages after being asked to stop calling my phone

Cassandra Carr reported:

Calling my job and my children giving my personal information. Also let a nasty VM on my phone and threatening messages after being asked to stop calling my phone

medical office reported:

it is a bad-bad prank! needs mental lock up!

Randall Biehl reported:

Called without leaving an message.

SUIT reported:

they keep calling and when I answer no one speaks, they call at least 5 times a day

Barbara Harris reported:

they keep calling and no one is there won't say anything been going on for a couple weeks

N A Toner reported:

On my new Samsing cell phone received this text message from the number listed above. This is the message: "Marc you haven't added me yet :( are you still single? Check out my latest snaps Im bored during this lockdown, hit me up". My name is not Marc, I have no idea whose number this is and I do not want this person calling my phone.

Colorado Resident reported:

Possible scam. Dustin with American Senior Benefits. I asked if he was a salesman and told him I was not interested. He would not say he was a salesman. Told me that it was important to meet to explain changes in Medicare and insurance and that he was helping people. Gave me the impression that he was acting in an official capacity. He had a lot of information about me that I was asked me to verify. Told him that we did not want any contact because of age and the Covid 19 stay at home order, and asked if there was a way to do this online. Insisted on an appointment and coming to the house. Checked with DHS, office on aging, etc. They told me that it was probably a scam or telemarketer and to block the number. I called him back (after calling agencies) to tell him NOT to come. He said that even with the stay at home order, it was an "essential service". He swore he was legit and offered his name and license number, but then did not give them to me as I sat with pen and paper. Lots of red flags.

Larry walker reported:

Texted me Said someone had said something about me on an app?? I live in ga Don’t know anyone in California

robert william groves reported:

keeps calling and hanging up hasa to stop. wish i could find them

Unknown reported:

They want to kill me

f reported:

red bluff mt lassen charter office five daughter jones is going out of business now five daughter jones been black mailing &scaming senior people&poor people out of$99999999million of dollars 5305292722

No Name reported:

Yes they send me some dumb text. I didn't read it . It's a scam like all the other's I keep receiving it's becoming bs if you ask me all day long. Someone out to scam you. Now with this virus they will try anything it seems like as an excuse to scam you. I don't fall for any of it. This has been going on now for a month! They call or text you all day long as if ppl are stupid. If you are constantly call me at the same time every day same mo calls never has anything to say. The thing is who are you calling for you never said that, also why are you calling if you have nothing to say? Red flags. I don't answer calls that are not in my contacts. Good luck a$$hole I refuse to answer scammers!!!!

Shannon snyder reported:

I have a pfa on my ex and this number start text me and calling me I need to know if it him

Luis reported:

This is a SPAM caller for employment! Recorded message.

Clarice T reported:

Crazy bitch think I'm stealing her man That dick been mine before I was 12. 4 bebies tell you I own this dick. getthefuckoutahere

Anonymous reported:

Phishing for private information by text message by providing false information about Facebook.

Pissed reported:

Spam scam

Ms D reported:

He is a con artist that sells bad cars and want give up your money or title

Unknown reported:

Claiming that he is from the Credit Bureau "Visa" offering 0% in your credit card. Steve has Indian Accent

Sam reported:

Called twice in a couple of hours. Leaves no message.

kathy reported:

person at this number is making harrassing phone calls.

Teresa avery reported:

Delete Any reference to Warren Wood who was taken in handcuffs away from this residence 503-722-4078! Domestic violence assault for restraining order civil order etc.

Holtz, r reported:

Very creepy. Keeps calling

Susanne Posey reported:

This number (774-999-8369) was used to try run a scam to buy a Thomasville Queen Rice Bed Bedroom Set on Craigslist. Will NEVER sell on Craigslist again.

Jane reported:

PHOENIX, AZ scam caller asking me about my social security number for a tax refund. Blocked and reported to the FTC.

Julia reported:

Scammers asking for personal information

Mary reported:

Scammers. Message received to update my billing information for Netflix when I don't even have an account.

Isabel Segarra reported:

Calls frequently. When I don’t answer they leave a message. I don’t understand because it’s a language I don’t speak. Sounds possibly Chinese??

Mike Bags reported:

Repeated calls after 9:30 PM and it's beeping like it's a fax machine or something.

Allen reported:


No reported:

Scam texts

Khan reported:

Scam caller leaving me with a recorded message in some form of foreign language which I believe is mandarin.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - NON-WORKING NUMBER - health insurance scam - A search shows this number to be from Enosburg, VT. A land line using TELCOVE OF VERMONT, INC. - VT. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Eileen reported:

Robocall scam, calling from FLAGSTAFF, AZ!!!! I don't recognize this number, so BLOCKED them.

CJackson reported:

calls for marketing

Los Angeles reported:

Car warranty sales scam

Allen reported:

another too stupid to leave message.

Jodi Nibbe reported:

You stole my phone ,,,thief.. bring it back you woman beater

Pablo Rizzo reported:

Keeps calling and offering oral

Concerned Human reported:

Guy claims to be Dennis Herbert, not sure that's his real name. He likes to prey on vulnerable women.

bob reported:

scam messages

Bill reported:

Received a call from876-783-6952 (Mandeville, Jamacia. Voice mailf left caller (using a device that must be held to your throat to speak (like some people who have no voice box) James said he works for Publishers Clearing House (PCH). He has a cashiers check for me (he stated my address and zip) but he needed me to call 702-516-6577 and speak to him right away. Since the call originated from Jamaica and he wants me to call a number from Los Vegas, NV, I did not call him back. Probably a scam to have you send money to them first.

sanja reported:

?????????????? please leave message

Mark reported:

Multiple calls in a single minute.

J. M. reported:

Said they were visa!! It's a local # - it belongs to a resident not visa!!!

suzan reitter reported:

this number keeps texting me telling me they are looking at me in my house looking through my windows


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