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Sheila reported:

yes they are spam texting me and I don't appreciate it. I get at least 23 calls a day from all kinds of numbers and this is one of them. Please have them quit spam texting me. I can block spam calls but these scammers have gotten smart and now spam text and I can't block them. make them quit

Sheila reported:

This person is sending me spam text. I won't reply because then they know my number is active and they could sell my phone #. I'm getting spam text from the number daily sometimes twice a day. Please make them quit calling me. We both live in the same city too !

Sheila reported:

please stop this person from sending me EVERYDAY spam text. I won't reply so they won't take my number and sell it to other spamers. I get 3 to 5 spam text A DAY from the number. Please make them stop. I live in Castaic and you show they do too. STOP them please.

Sheila reported:

for the last few wks I've been getting spam text from this number. I don't reply because he will know my number is active and sell my info. They text me at least 3 to 5 times a day every day. I have call blocker on my phone but nothing for spam text. Please make them stop calling my phone

Sheila reported:

For the last 2 wks I recieve at least 25 calls a day from a bunch of spam text this is one of the people who spam text me a day. Please make them stop. If I reply to their text they could sell my number to other spam people

Sheila reported:

I get spam text from this person at least 2 times a day, every day of the week.

Linda reported:

I'm questioning why I would receive an automated call from Amazon from a local landline.

Deb reported:

Answered call. No one in the line

Sheila reported:

For the last 2 wks I get a min of 7 calls a day from this number 661 714 0001 in the form of a text message. It's a spam text I'm sure. I can see when they call there is a link I won't open up. Please stop them from calling me.

Sheila reported:

I must get 4 or 5 messages a day from this number. trying to sell me something to lose weight. It's pure spam calling. Please make them stop

Maria reported:

Left a message, sounded like a utility scam because they asked me to have a copy of my latest "statement" received in by mail but I do everything on line and haven't received a statement by mail for years.

C reported:

Car warranty spam

Bob reported:

spam same old sh

Joe Campbell reported:

Call stated it was a notification from FedEx that"my parcel is on its way with a complimentary item. Confirm your details here

Kelly Paradis reported:

It keeps calling my phone.

Carol reported:

Ans. machine picked up this call with message the same as another I got today from 3028688856, name unavailable. Both claimed my credit card would be charged over one thousand dollars for something I purchased. I use the answering machine to screen my calls so I didn't respond in any way. But since I am on a no call list, these calls are more than a little annoying.

LeslieN reported:

FRAUD. “Calling from the Visa and MasterCard Dept. 🙄

Sheila reported:

Consecutive calls.All starting 978-612-3729 978-307-3334 978-362-3173 All calls ,one after another.

Howard E. Hughes reported:

Received an email saying someone used my email ID to purchase items from an account not linked on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with my email ID for $1781.00. Told me to contact Xfinity @ a 801-821-2172 #to cancel payment. Knew it had to be a scam because Xfinity is a 800 #.

Richie reported:

Female voice notifying me that Social security suspended my account due to illegal activity. Press 1 to speak with an agent (there is no SS office in the 516 781area) or call 720 921-9221 to speak directly with Social security.

Phillip Harnish reported:

This caller called twice, at 8:41 am and at 12:37 pm. I did not answer the first, and did answer the second. The person asked "How are you doing today?". I said "okay". Caller hung up. I called the number back to see why he was calling. No one answered.

Zoe reported:

Posing as Social Security Agent

Marsby E Warters reported:

Call received 11/30/20 at 12:30pm. No response when answered.

im being stocked,this person is involved,with others reported:


Alberta Stewart reported:

This was a number used by someone saying they were calling from amazon and that there was fraudulent amount on my amazon account. I told him I don't have an amazon account and he hung up.

SHIRLEY WALL reported:


A Zizza reported:

Multi calls no msg I don’t ansser calls labled SPAM

Garcelle reported:

Have no idea how this person got my phone number. Texted saying their business is called The Plug (another name for a drug dealer) Said please contact then on WhatsApp and use the number 9255173305. Also gave me an additional phone number 3058098453 And an email Please be careful with this person. Block and report to the police.,

Diane reported:

$199 fraudulent charge on a credit card.

Raymond reported:

Who the hell is this person? He’s called and left vms while I’m at work threatening me! Blocked and filed a police report

SCummings reported:

call after call leaving no message

N. N. reported:

Sent a message on November 27, 2020 "Happy Thanksgiving" No Name

Not falling for this ruse... reported:

Calls and hangs up. Over and over and over

LM reported:

Just got a text from this number claiming to be UPS. Said a shipment is on the way and has a link to click on. Deleted the text, I do not have any orders in that would ship via UPS.

Nancy reported:

recorded message saying they were from Apple. Advising suspicious activity and not to access my account or bank account. Told to press one to speak with representative. I would not do this.

Diane White reported:

keeps calling and hangs up when call picked up

Shirley Calkins Johnson reported:

It's worse than harassment. This individual(s) has hacked into my Google account and listed this number as my backup source for notifications for my phone number and verifications. I believe it's the same as reported before Dora Zapata Poqie Herrera

Jan reported:

Calls daily no one speaks can hear background noise

G Suhd reported:

Call claimed to verify a charge on Amazon for an iPhone on my account. DO NOT CALL BACK to this number.

Valerie reported:

Said it was from Amazon about purchasing an Apple phone for $711 and if I didn't make the purchase I should press one.I hung up. I don't have an Amazon account

Keith reported:

Keep getting random calls from all over this one in particular. Says they’re gonna kill me and other nonsense like I have a warrant for my arrest...

james fox reported:

reporting social security account suspending

Valerie Hannon reported:

I got a partial voice mail saying my "plastic card" would be charged if I didn't call them back. The recording started before the voice mail started recording. My phone said possible scam.

Sherry Wilkins reported:

Fake social security administration law suit call.

Ian reported:

Called with a recorded message that was letting me know in these dangerous COVID time, to be careful and take care of myself. Nothing else and the call ended. It was really weird.

Kathy Parmar reported:

Calling me unknown person do not know female.

clif reported:

keeps texting. Called one number and man asked me to hold on and never came back. Msg offered "quit" so the number must be legit. He was told I wanted the calls to stop. I wouldn't use this house buying company for anything

Shirley E Linde reported:

calls up to 20 times a day

scambuster reported:

Robocall saying I have a refund coming because I was overcharged for electricity and to press 2 to claim it. I hung up. If it was a real legitimate call the caller I D would have said Eversource, not Plainville

International Liason reported:

Surveillance and monitoring agency with the NSA


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