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annoyed reported:

Received a cal about medicare and being made ineligible for services for not responding to them. When I said that medicare doesn't do that, he became abrasive and abusive. I merely asked to be removed from their list. He said I had no smarts. Well, I won't be eligible for medicare for another 23 years so I don't need any knee and back braces from them.

Korene Woodard reported:

Received text message stating my FEDEX package with tracking code GB-6412-GH83 is waiting for me to set deliver preferences: Also a link I was not expecting a fedex package

Tracy reported:


Faye Davenport reported:

DID NOT LEAVE MESSAGE, so assume selling something.

Rich Thombs reported:

Sending fake Fed Ex tracking numbers. Probably a scam

sam reported:

car warranty scammer

Nona Ya Business reported:

This number appeared called twice... 1/15/2020 at 5:46pm est and again on 1/17/2020 at 9:20am. Each time they called they never left a voicemail. Every since I've been on Indeed applying for jobs I've been getting calls from numbers outside of my zipcode area and scam and spoof calls. One of the numbers that called me on Monday pretended to be Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and said I won 5500.00. I reported the number to the FTC and PCH headquarters. I'm seriously considering removing my resume my Indeed because I've never received so many spoof and scam it unknown numbers contacting me until I started responding to job post on their website

nvw reported:

Just annoying - answered the phone, silence for a few seconds, then coughing and the line went dead. Prank?

Metuchen Owner reported:

This number is calling me daily on 1 phone (unpublished) and occasionally on another phone (unlisted). Never leaves a message.

Donald Bell reported:

Constant harassment about auto warranty. We have requested themtostop.

gemac reported:

called left no msg

Glenda reported:

Missed call. No msg. Unknown.

Cory reported:

Calls here 3 too 5 times a day wont leave us alone no idea who it is so we now ignore the calls but he still calls 3 times a day if not more

Bob reported:

I am continuously being called from this number telling me if I dont press 1 to speak to an officer, I will be arrested.

Er reported:

Spam regarding credit card

A E Shreve reported:

They say they are from Social Security and I have a claim against me and must call them back. Before I get arrested. Scammer

craig reported:

one of these social insurance number scams call

Any Citizen reported:

Calls leaves no message and caller id just says phone number that is a landline

anonymous reported:

Harassing calls all the time. Unsafe caller

Ronda Walker reported:

These people call me everyday asking me to reorder my diabetic supplies and get my free gifts three or four times a day for 2 months. I can't get them to stop calling and you can't call him back it is a robo message the same one 21 seconds her name is Rose computer animated

Noneya reported:

Comments about my wife and her car. Something about the mileage. Have called numerous times over the last few days. TOTAL SPAM !

Raine Wilkerson reported:

This number is in my billing info in my microsoft account and it is not one of mine. I have been unable to recieve items i order off line since oct i need to have this number checked

natalie reported:

This is a scammer, he has scammed thousands of dollars and gift cards from a elderly lady. Do not trust him. He says him and his kid are hungry need food waiting for money to come in, he will pay her back..

Jerry reported:

Constantly calling, but will leave no message so do not know who it is.

Dallas reported:

this number calls several times a day

Phillip reported:

package delivery, Invalid tracking number

DAFFIE reported:


Max reported:

Has called 14 times in 3 days. I don't know the number and there are no voice mails.

Clyde Winfrey reported:

Sending me text messages stating there is a FedEx package waiting for delivery, asking for delivery information. Loaded a Google page.

James reported:

Keeps calling but never identifies for whom the call is for.

James reported:

Calls numerous times. Never leaves a message nor a voicemail.

James reported:

Calls numerous times. Never leaves a message

James reported:

Called 31 times. No voicemail nor message

Bill reported:

Unknown number: no answer... no message: no call back by me

James O'Brien reported:

I received 31 phones calls in one day. Never leaves a voicemail.

Anon reported:

Daily caller

Juan reported:

keeps on calling , but when I answer the phone they don't say anything

Jeannette reported:

Called here several times in past month. I do not answer these calls of people I do not know.

P Stevens reported:

Got a craigslist scammer call from this number. They sent me a g-code to have me give it to them so they can get into my gmail account. Don't trust this dirtbag.

John reported:

Text saying the home-review for (address) is done. Click on link to see your options

Mark reported:

Automated scam message about VIA/Mastercard

USER reported:


Karli Wheeler reported:

This number has sent very nasty things to me. Calling names and committing hate crimes against myself who happens to be lesbian.

Robin Byrd reported:

They called and when I called back a minute later number had been changed or disconnected SPAM?

Rifici reported:

scam robocall credit card fraud saying V-Tech is going to charge my card $399 unless I call 1-917-908-8438

Ty Anderson reported:

Receiving text messages from this number: "Amazon 2020 resolutions: 1) not to be greedy 2) care more about the customers. So you'll get $130 freebies to do a survey--> Looks very suspicious.

Harold reported:

SPAM from DC!!! Glad to block this number since I don't know anyone there!!!!!

George reported:

This jerk calls me and left one message saying "Hi, this is David (I believe) and I have potential good news on selling your house." My house is not for sale and I do not live anywhere near Erwin Tennessee!

Kevin Kennedy reported:

Keeps sending me text messages addressed to Vince wants to know if I have picked up my package yet

Annie reported:

This person texted me "Yo" and then an applepay request for $100. It's a scam.


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