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pete moss reported:

russian trolls

Me reported:

Scammer. Called and hung up....Called back and it activated me phone camera. Dangerous caller....

Jon reported:

A robocall recorded message from Credit Card Services to lower your credit card interest rates scam - A search shows this number to be from Boaz, AL. A wireless number using POWERTEL BIRMINGHAM LICENSES, INC. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Joann reported:

Leaving vile messages.

Sondra reported:

This number keeps popping up on my Google account sign in. I can delete it out and go to my Google sign in and it comes up again.

V reported:

No message left. Very similar to my number, so this is another scammer masking their real phone number hoping I’ll answer or call back. FORGET IT!!! Blocking this number!

Robin Thompson reported:

Rolo Calling constantly

JASMIN reported:

this phone number called to scam me out of $6500 stating that my grandson was in an accident and needed this money for bailbond

John reported:

Caller keeps calling me. No one on the other line when answered.

Me reported:

calls but will not speak nor answer if you call back....vm says MeBJ?

Joe reported:

5 or 6 Unsolicited calls. Have not answered. Hasn't called recently

Kristi T reported:

Automated voice message saying something about taxes and that the local cops will put me under arrest in 24 hours. Scam

Misc reported:

Tired of the calls

victor reported:

received unknown call from 570 606 7683 2/23/2018 @ 2:08 AM no message was left.

Margie reported:

hang up calls.

myself reported:

I was told by the caller this was the IRS and I needed to call them ASAP. The IRS does not call people at all. This was a bogus call phishing for information.

Ruth reported:

Just calls and hangup.

Jane LaMar reported:

Erie Pa numbers - they keep calling me over and over. 4-5 calls last 3 days. I know no One in Erie

kelli reported:

Called cursing on my voicemail saying I've been calling him. Called again today, my 15 year old daughter and her, he got mouthy with her and gave her an attitude. He accussed me of prank calling him. My records show he's the one calling me.

joe miller reported:

Wanted to fix my computer. Hung up on him.

R Lloyd reported:

Threat to go to Jail. How stupid do they think people are.

McKayla Everhart reported:

The person texted" I know you are ging to love this! It's the most simple way I've found to make an additional 2,400 per week. text 'YES' For More Info Quit -2 -Quit"

William Waters reported:

prerecorded voice called asking for credit card information

Jordan reported:

Keeps calling me but when I answer they just hang up.

K davis reported:

Keeps calling with security system sales

dave reported:

robo calls

Private User reported:

Anonymous Credit Card company wants you to press 1 to update your interest rate or 2 to disconnect and never identifies who they are...beware, must be a scam

JIM DORSEY reported:


Jan reported:

Appears to be scam

Rose reported:

Left a hoax text message that my facebook account was reported as a fraud and to confirm my account with the link provided.

jc reported:

This number calls twice every evening leaving no message. How come these people have our numbers, but when you try to look up who is calling you, you have to pay to get that information?

Levi Gilliam reported:

texted me at 0455 on 2-22-18. unacceptable early hour for some bull shit. stop and stop now

Richard reported:

This number continues to call and not leave a name or msg. I will call the carrier and have them blocked at some point.

mike reported:

Scammer with Indian accent says he's from Windows. My computer has been sending error messages and he wants to fix my problem. After I give him some info, he'll put his technical guy on the phone to fix my computer, but I have to give him access to the computer. Abruptly hangs up when he realizes I won't fall for it.

Mark reported:

Unknown caller to cell, have called several times during the day.

T Steele reported:

Call multiple times a day and when I answer, hang up.

brenda reported:


dotty Galleher reported:

Calls as a recording to hold for important information on my credit card but there is no problem next to connect to live person hit a particular number. I didn't so I was disconnected. I immediately called the number back to request to be removed and a recording came on that the number was not in working order. Definite SCAM

Timo reported:

If we lived in a nation of law, the owners of the telephones such as 607.527.8883 "located" in Campbell NY would be held liable in court for interrupting peoples lives and thoughts with their god damn auto-dialers. But we don't. And that needs to change.

Sarah Goldstein reported:

calling my work phone offering me a $40,000 grant i never applied for

Teresa Platt reported:

They call several times a day and never leave message. I have answered twice and they say this call is being monitored and then hangs up. Really getting fed up as we are on the no call list....

katy reported:

phone rang at 10am 2/22/18 - no one said anything, hung up. I heard sounds like in a boiler room calls I've heard before on other calls.

sharon reported:

this caller said this is related to my tax filing and I only have 24 hours before local cops arresting me

Sue reported:

Spam or telemarketer

brian reported:

I believe he is gangstalking me and cloning his number with mine. I have IP addresses and areas closer to his home


Numerous calls x7 with no message on voice recorder. Absolte nonsense and disturbing!

Lloyd Lagergren reported:

Called me three times on my cell phone

JB reported:

This number is linked to several (850) 281 numbers that keep calling and hanging up.

Ieasha Howard reported:

Calls and leaves messages as if they are following me. Even stated they saw my children father at my home at a time that he was at my home.

FBI reported:

714-464-8580 / Speak to Owner, REFUSES to provide info. Keeps asking for the owner !!


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