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Dennis Hubbard reported:

calls at least 1 or 2 x per day. ugh

Roseann Barrera reported:

annoying unwanted calls to my cell phone asking you to press 1. Limited beta transcription about mileage and warranty, an apparent scam

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - NON-WORKING NUMBER - Health Insurance Scam - A search shows this number to be from New York, NY. A land line using MCI WORLDCOM COMMUNICATIONS INC. - NY. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Josh reported:

This number has been calling me many times.

Carolyn reported:

No caller id - leaves no message

Sandra Hamel reported:

I received a package with this phone number listed on it and cannot trace it back to callers name.

Jeannie reported:

Loop robo caller speaking Mandarin.

Quick Brown Fox reported:

This tech support scammer from Homestead, FL attempted an unlawful contact, but was thwarted by the answering machine (no message). Many of these calls originate in the 305 area code -- all the more reason to LET YOUR ANSWERING DEVICE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.

Rick reported:

Keep calling me to offer me a visa card....robotic call

Mary Schoonover reported:

Several calls from this number. I know no one in that area, does not leave a message. I have put on auto reject.

frank reported:

Calls all times of the day and night...especially around 6:30am...very, very annoying. Told them to stop calling and they said they would keep calling.

Karen reported:

I get calls almost daily from various numbers that supposedly come from The Plains, VA. I don't know anyone there or know of any reason why anyone from there would be calling me.

Allen reported:

A pain in the butt! With a name like that... YES, SHE/IT IS!

Dee F reported:

I'm still getting more calls from this number. One in morning on 15th and another in afternoon on 16th. If there were a valid reason for this call, a message should have been left, but none was.

Kim Jones reported:

Text with link to receive $75.00. Scam I’m sure!

steve bailey reported:

calling me 6:40 am they are telemarketers they call from different states also they also call every 2 to 10 min. every morming

ken reported:

calls come in with no message left on answering machine. Must be a junk call

J reported:

A robotic voice claiming to be from the social security administration stating there will be legal action taken on my ssn for suspicious activity and to call right away. This number called twice within about an hour of each other.

M Cedillo reported:

Received a call stating it was the Internal Revenue Service.

Bonnie reported:

Spam junk garbage

Elena McKune reported:

It has been ongoing and it's name is Las Vegas NV but the number keeps changing every time they call!

dean reported:

caller said there was a problem with my social security called back and they asked for name and social not beware of this caller

Edward reported:

Sent me a link for no reason to click there link to talk to them. Texted me at 2:30am no zero reason

pep reported:

when I asked him to take my name off the calling list he asked why I was wasting his time answering a # I didn't recognize. He also started using rude explicit language so I hung up. I am on the do-not-call list but it doesn't seem to matter.

David reported:

Partial message of something about once something expires I will be taken under custody by " the local cops" as there are 4 serious allegations pressed on my name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so we can discuss about this case before taking legal action against you. Word for word...

Allen reported:

Leo bypasses blocks but is too stupid to leave a message

Darrell Bennett reported:

229-223-8736 keeps calling me about credit card rates. I have told them to remove my number but they just keep callling. I have reported them to the DNC list and nothing is done about it. When will the harrassing from tele markerters stop

Helen reported:

Keeps calling my number asking for someone else. Keep telling her to stop calling me, but continues on a weekly basis. Works for Farmers Insurance. Using hard sell tactics to get more business.

R.J. reported:

MASSIVE SCAM, Electronic Voice, automated phone call saying "this is Linda". Said my social security number had been suspended. Wanted me to call them. Didn't leave a number to call, but I used caller ID and that is the number that called me from.

C reported:

Harrassing in this and different numbers

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - NON-WORKING NUMBER - I suspect a health insurance scam or interest rates scam. - A search shows this number to be from Lincoln, AL. A wireless number using AT&T CORP. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Charlie reported:

Using someones old name to do marketing

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - NON-WORKING NUMBER - a debt collection scam - I always pay in cash and get a receipt - They tell you that you owe money, but cannot tell you who you owe money to or how much you owe, but they are willing to settle for a percentage of what you owe if you pay now by credit card over the phone - A search shows this number to be from Orlando, FL. A land line using LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - FL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

randy valentine reported:

tjis is a caller looking for money for a police fund. They have been asked not to call, but continue..

Stephen Moran reported:

repeated calls regarding mediation for a Chris Hardin (unknown to me), claims my number was on a "federal database" but won't divulge what this database is

Damian reported:

Calls early in the morning and says nothing. Redial and call cannot be completed.

Pete mathis reported:

They are thieves saying they are cash advance america they need stopped if u find them contact me street justce is what they need

Pete mathis reported:

They are thieves saying they are a loan company they are liars and thieves

Pete mathis reported:

They are thieves saying their cash advance america they stole from me they are lower than whale shit

Jamie reported:

My life was threatend !

John Solomon reported:

Telemarketer for Christian Business- didn't let caller finish as I hung up.

Lb reported:

813 751-2588 is harassing me! Please stop them!

ira reported:

Calls around same time 3:45 pm every day. No one answers when I pick up the phone------they just hang up.

Allen reported:

another dummy, no message

Jesse Ramos reported:

Claimed to be IRS and stated I had four counts of fraud against me and needed to call within 24 hours.

anonymous reported:

caller left message saying they had tried to contact me for 6 months and now the case wil be considered fraudulent by the US government- obvious scam.

C Post reported:

This person calls every 15-20 minutes a day. I do not answer but the ringing and the number flashing on the TV is getting very OLD!

Wade Jackson reported:

Calling saying I won the mega millions

Henry dziczkowski reported:

I never heard of this company, they are asking for over $240 to continue a service I never ordered

dan krebs reported:

harrassig me


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