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Daniel reported:

4 serious allegations were supposedly filed against me. This is a spam call.

Cali reported:

Robo call stating a warrant for IRS and to call back to settle

Becky reported:

Said I will be arrest and have to go to the federal building

AGGIE reported:


HFR reported:

Calling , sending porn , hacking phones . Full police investigation of other items sent by This phone number . Federal charges

gary h reported:

keeps calling unwanted

Dianna reported:

This was an IRS scam call telling me that I would be taken under custody of local "cops" because of the four serious issues on my tax records. Asked me to call this number within 24 hours to prevent this.

Chris reported:

They just called our home phone which is a landline. We hardly ever use it nor give it out. The caller ID said the number and “Cresent, PA” I said Hello 3 tines, they remained silent then hung up on me!

Christy Davis reported:

The local cops are going to arrest me!

Helene reported:

Remove my number from your database!!!

Keith reported:

Calls from multiple 4 digit extensions and hangs up when you answer. (443-517-XXXX)

Colleen reported:

Messages left were regarding the IRS and threatened arrest

David reported:

This person keeps blowing up my phone with random text and calls.

anti-russian reported:

these fuckers hi-jack a local cell phone number to make you think it's someone in your area.

nancy schwamb reported:

They told me to call because my computer had a security breech. They said they were Microsoft. I did not call.

Gary reported:

Calls a few times. Once nothing, just hung up. Second time they breathed like some fat guy eating cake. Third time I answered, they pressed the same key pad button twice, using several different tones.

Cal Houn reported:

this number keeps calling, no idea who it is they dont leave a message

Kim Felt reported:

Called threating the IRS was on their way to arrest me and confiscate my home

Dottie reported:

I received 4 calls , one after the other. Did not answer. No messages left.

brandi reported:

saying irs with arrest warrant and will seize my property if i dont call back within an hr

Pamela Birch reported:

Robo Call regarding healthcare. I receive this same recorded call from many different numbers.

John reported:

Send salacious text soliciting phone and video sex. Did not text or call back.

Chris reported:

I received an automated phone call recording saying how I can reduce interest on my credit cards. The recording stated to press "9" for more info so I did this with the intent of telling them to remove my phone number from their telemarketing list. I was connected to a man with an East Indian accent. He said this business was "Credit Card Services" and when I asked "how he got my phone number" he hung up on me.

JD reported:

Received 8 calls consecutively over 10 minutes. I don't answer unknown callers. Never left message either.

4049894060 reported:

I will com in get it do no be a ass wtf call me keekee my kids

4049894060 reported:

wtf I am com bitch ass current location

4049894060 reported:

you is a bitch wtf my kids

CClark reported:

They keep calling, and my phones said its a scam likely

lisa reported:

smac or what

James R. Stevens reported:

Threatened me with a warrant for my arrest if I didn't call back.

Frank Lavery reported:

A call came in from Brooklyn NY with a 718-567-0000 followed by 636-3453 and the name James, Jason. It was a call from "our grandson" who needed money and not to tell even Grandma. He trusted Grandpa and he didn't want anyone else to know, but he was in jail and needed money. Luckily my husband is hard of hearing and was outside on the patio phone and he told the person to call back while he went inside so he could hear better, as it didn't always sound like K... that is when the person on the other line hung up. My husband was truly upset and beside himself, thank goodness he did not have a heart attack. He called our son-in-law to see if he had talked with K... lately, so he called his son in Chicago out of a meeting to see if everything was ok, of course it was, so he called my husband back to let him know K... was okay and at work. I hope this helps in finding out who does this sort of thing to scare people with people they love. Thanks!

Daniel Adams reported:

This company is calling to fish for information concerning my mortgage. They provided me improper information hoping I would in turn provide them more personal information. Once I told them I was not going to provide personal information, they hung up.

R.B. reported:

Calls but doesn’t leave message

Sherry Burton reported:

I received 20 calls from Raleigh NC numbers 919-716-1031, 919-716-0931 919-716-1952 919-716-1536 919-716-1437 When I answer someone says Hello, but then it begins to sound like a recording. It has something to do with auto insurance. Could someone please tell me how to make this stop?

Dean reported:

I get lots of hang-up calls from 856-296-5xxx (last digits keep changing - typical of scam techniques). I block each one but new numbers pop up next time. It plays on the fact that it is the same exchange as mine, but with randomized numbers on the end. Real PIA.

Rhonda reported:

Late night collect call

ellen laughard reported:

computer voice from another state stating something about taking care of something that expires in 24 hours , or you will have a warrant issued and be arrested lol scammers

Kitty Caldwell reported:

Called twice and I didn't answer as I did not know the name. They called again and what seemed to be a man spoke to me with a very strange accent and I didn't understand him. I told him to stop calling. He/she then called me continuously, non-stop for about an hour. I blocked the number but can still see and hear the call! It was very frightening!!!

Thomas Chu reported:

Phone #315-828-0313 calls my home 3-5 times everyday, but did not leave any message. Why?

Tammy Moose reported:

left a message to return their call before a arrest warrant was issued for me.

Quick Brown Fox reported:

An unwanted call from this Reseda VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, a woman's recorded voice touted home energy savings. The same recorded message has also arrived from (805) 427-9078 and (805) 749-0718. Folks, this is a nationwide scam designed to transfer funds from the wallets of its victims to those of its perpetrators. Avoid these shysters!

ann hay reported:

scam for supposed life insurance

Robert reported:

Bogus call pretending uniform officer coming to my residence. Called back on the number and they claimed they were looking for someone else. Nonsense - have had the phone number for 15 years.

Gidget reported:

Have no idea who/what this is. I answered because it didn't say "unknown" -- no response on their end. Number will be blocked.

Richard Johnson reported:

c keeps calling me for no reason

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known selling health insurance - A search shows this number to be from Brookfield, IL. A land line using BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - IL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known selling health insurance - A search shows this number to be from Miami, FL. A land line using BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC DBA SOUTHERN BELL TEL & TEL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Julie reported:

It's Health insurance company that wont stop calling me even after I asked to be removed from their list. They called 5 times after being asked to be removed from list

Jo reported:

says it's the federal government and I will be arrested for a bunch of outstanding warrants. Which I have not even got unpaid parking tickets


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