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edith whitfield reported:

Continues to call and leaves no message.

Al Mary reported:

Call had no name, and when returned, is ID'd as "not in service." This is obviously a pure scam of some sort. Definitely harrassment.

Jean Gerberich reported:

Continually texting me about insurance opportunities for my husband.

Barry reported:

called and said I just called him and hung up, I did not call!

CA reported:

Recommendation: If you don't have them in your contacts, then just BLOCK THE NUMBER.

DD reported:

Caller keeps calling saying all kinds of foul language. I was laughing before I blocked him.

al reported:

spam, threatened legal action by recording.

cosmo reported:

Being harassed.Person who is a Male has heavy spanish accent. Very difficult to understand.Demands money and ill be arrested if i dont comply

JBlack reported:

The phone rings--I answer--no one is there

JBlack reported:

The phone rings--I answer--no one is there.

S reported:

Calls but leaves no message.

Linda reported:

Left a message which sounded like a computer, stating I needed to call a Federal Agent back immediately. Scam!

Herbie reported:

Number lists from Belmont, NC. Calling each day for days. Leaves no message. When I call back, there is no answer > and then gives busy signal

Ji Yeun KIm reported:

Fraud money collector.

Soraya Anderson reported:

Repeated calls to lower credit card interest rates. Have requested agency remove my name multiple times.

Darlene reported:

They called our home phone at 10:30 and 11:00 at night. They didn't respond when we answered the phone. They also called my cell phone twice 10:30 and 11:00 at night and didn't answer.

Donotcalllisted reported:

All the 503-841-xxxx numbers I receive are scammers trying to spoof a local number.

Len reported:

Calls usually 5 or 6 times daily, (robo caller) wanting to lower credit card balance. Truth is, I don't have a balance.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - Automated political B.S. message trying to glorify the scumbag Troy King - A search shows this number to be from Birmingham, AL. A land line using NETWORK TELEPHONE CORPORATION - AL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Steven Treso reported:

Keeps calling and calling

Paula Broughton reported:

Constantly getting calls and I do not know this number or who is calling.

Randy reported:

Same call using different numbers about credit card interest, then it disconnects.

Randy reported:

calling about lowering my credit card interest rate. which is annoying

Randy reported:

calling about lowering my credit card interest rate.

Ron Koski reported:

He told me that I had signed a contract to have computer maintenance services. Said that in 2 days they will be taking $900 out of my bank account for services for life. I believe this is a scam because he wanted me to give him my IP address and get on my computer. I have to notify my bank incase he really has my bank account number...

June reported:

Posing as IRS CI agent demanding money or sheriff will come arrest me. Scammers.

Janie reported:

This man with this phone number has been calling and threatening to kill me, my son and 2 grandsons.

Duke Customer reported:

Received a robocall asking if I was a Duke Energy customer and offering me a 30% discount on my Duke Energy bill.

MArio Oporto reported:

She is harrasing me and my family

JAMES reported:


Mike reported:

Rang once then nothing! No message left.

EDDIE reported:


raymonde oslund reported:

I have received a call on my answering machine about an arrest on my personal property. it was a recording breaking up a little, I have blocked the call. it sounded like a robo call

Mike reported:

Car Warranty RoboCaller

JK reported:

Called 6 times in 1 hour today and 4 times yesterday. Doesn't leave a message. Assumed to be a Robocaller.

JK reported:

Called 6 times in two hours and doesn't leave a message. Assumed to be a Robocaller.

Chillicothe reported:

Person called and said she was calling for a resort on a recorded line. My number is on the Do Not Call list.

Ines Gonzalez reported:

Job Scam-

Mike reported:

Keeps calling leaves no message- when You call them it is all in Spanish and then they hang up.

Ken reported:

car warranty robo call

Jake detmen reported:

This person is using a false name under this line he is trying to steal somebody's identity this is not his true name. I know who this person is and he is a fraud

David Peterson reported:

They call at least once a day wanting to talk to my wife about a survey. She doesn't want to do it, but they keep calling. Yes, they are harassing us!

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known to lower your credit card interest rates - A search shows this number to be from Mobile, AL. A land line using MCIMETRO ACCESS TRANSMISSION SERVICES LLC. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

XXXXX reported:

Hell with them, they can call all they want, I do not set up a voice mail messages, I do not pick up the phone, or I will hang up on them right away after I picked up the phone. They can call all they want, but they get no result from my place. HELL WITH THEM, THEY WILL ROT IN HELL. GOD WILL PUNISH THEM, THEIR SPOUSE, THEIR CHILDREN GRAND CHILDREN , GREAT GRANDCHILDREN WILL BE PUNISHED BY GOD. ALL OF THEM WILL GO TO HELL AND ALL ROT IN HELL.

C Dobbs reported:

I asked to be removed from the dialer and he said "I cant do that shut the F up B-word"

Howard Darkfire reported:

got a robo call from this number claiming to be the treasury department

Beverly Minnick reported:

This number has been calling me 4-5 times a day. They never leave a message and when I've answered, I don't get a response.

No reported:

Fucking assholes calls and hangs up. Annoying

John reported:

This number called 15 times today. Used the feature NOMOREROBO calls to block number. They called any way but the service worked by not ringing phone.


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