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Diane reported:

Calls our home 2, 3, 4 times a day with no message ever left. A harassment!

Tracy reported:

Scam, claims to be from Service Canada

avoid scams reported:

SCAM - avoid

Tina Carrisalez reported:

Keeps calling and doesn't answer the line

Julie reported:

Unsolicited text messages before 5am. I do not know this person.

Megan Bell reported:

They call or text my phone # asking to talk to a Gary Cowin saying they want to buy his property @ 1767 S. Citrus Ave. in Escondido, Calif. I do not know any one named Gary Cowin nor do I live in Escondido I've had my phone # for more than 20 years. I did a reverse lookup on my phone # & I do see his name attached to my #. I want his name off my phone. #

Megan Bell reported:

They call or text my phone # asking to talk to a Gary Cowin saying they want to buy his property @ 1767 S. Citrus Ave. in Escondido, Calif. I do not know any one named Gary Cowin nor do I live in Escondido I've had my phone # for more than 20 years. I did a reverse lookup on my phone # & I do see his name attached to my #. I want his name off my phone. #

Rose reported:

called no message just dial tone hang up

Sparbrook reported:

Scam claiming legal action being taken against you

Ronald Lindler reported:

Need to block this number from making telemarketing calls.

Soto reported:

“This is the Social Security administration the reason you have received this phone call is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed on your Social Security number for criminal activity under section 18 of subsection 102 and eight so before this matter goes to the federal court house or before you get arrested please call immediately on our department number 435-267-0766 I repeat it's 435-267-0766 thank you…”

xia reported:

fraud calls

Patricia reported:

Repeated call from someone named "Christie" on a recorded line from Medicare. Says nothing else and I can't respond. "Christie" calls my number every day.

Kent reported:

Bogus CBD oil scam call! They called from PHOENIX, AZ. Hung up and blocked this number.

RA reported:

Left 2 threatening voicemails on my phone regarding nothing I was involved in. May of just had the wrong number but called 12 times, 2 voicemails and 2 texts. Very disturbing.

Cee reported:

Continues to call my cell and have no account with this firm...possible scam.

John B reported:

Attempted credit card scam

J reported:

His number is spam/hoax/nuisance. Wanting info to reduce cc debt.

WTS reported:

Spoofed the caller ID of Frontier Communications. Warranty spam robo call. These losers need SHUT DOWN.

Oni T. reported:

First call was 05282020. The person. Immediately stated when I picked up "I may have the wrong no.; I'm looking for Johnny Smith.". On 06/03/2020, a different man called from the same no. He too stated having the wrong no. but receiving it to employee then hung up. He admitted that someone called my no. the previous week from his business. I want it to stop!

michael Green reported:

stop calling me i do not need any thing from you now thank yo u

Silently watching reported:

Heroine user/ dealer

david reported:

telephone solicitor - calls excessively, doesnt leave a message. wants to loan you money. their website is

w White reported:

Arrest warrant for illegal foreign shipments of illegal drugs. This idiot is dealing with a LE person.

M. Sadiq reported:

I have been receiving phone calls from this number and they have been calling, not speaking and hanging up the phone. This number has been reported to the police.

Erik engelsen reported:

Harassing phone call,disguised identity

Colleen reported:

annoying text messages. Was not authorized to contact me. Have asked people with similar posts to stop. But they continue.

C.c reported:

Threaten me, to try to get my SIN number.

Ed reported:

Hacking computers through dating sites

Mark B reported:

We have received unending calls from some marketing group selling extended sales warranty over a period of a year or more. The call is a recording with an option to opt out. But the calls never stop.

Anonymous reported:

This number called a friend of mine who does not know this caller. Am searching on my friend's behalf to see if it is spam or why 29106382 called.

Christine Frisch reported:

Leaves a message saying my ssi account been breacheb!

Mike reported:

Received this by message. Driver: Alert 2. A change was detected on your driving file.

Chris Silas reported:

Constantly calls, doesn’t leave a message.

Malia reported:

Call id shows Tabak Tamer, started calling 5/31 landline repeatedly, leaves no message. 5/31/2020 12:13 6/1 12:39 6/2 9:19 & 9:22 AM A legitimate business would leave message.

Franco reported:

This call was left on voicemail. The caller identified themselves as a PGE notice of shut off of service in 45 minutes for non-payment or cancellation of service. To stop shut off "press one to speak to a customer service representative". We do not have PGE service. I spoke to PGE and they are having trouble with scam calls.

FAAQ2 reported:

Female voice - high pitched - keeps calling trying to sell us something.

Terry reported:

Phoned saying they were Royal Bank Security for Mastercard. When we said we dont have a card they hung up.

Pamela Thompson reported:

Calling about social security payments being withheld

Jocelyn Aguiar reported:

They have been harassing me with text message regarding my previous relationship. I don't know who they are but it has been going on for months.

Leo Barrios reported:

Pls. kindly check this details Pls. kindly provide more details at

joseph wessel reported:

individual called and said something to the effect that I called her and was returning the call. However according to my phone history I never made any call

Ernie reported:

This is a scam in that they message you and offer you money in exchange for a payment of $1,000.

SJCT reported:

Ashley (male) asking for people who I don’t know. Refused to properly identify themselves or their affiliation.

Anne Jetty reported:

Person keeps texting and harassing me my Boyfriend and friend Will not stop

Alex reported:

saying hey are from DES. I told them they would not get my personal information. he cursed me out and hung up.

Jacqueline McCoy reported:

Constantly calling me and does not leave a message.

Jay reported:

Spam..scam criminal intent

P.OLSON reported:


Lauren reported:

I keep receiving calls, but when I pick up phone, no answer.


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