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Margot reported:

hi mommy

AB reported:


K reported:

Called three times today no message left

Samuel Sullivan reported:

this company repeatedly calls my cell despite being on donotcontact list and opting out on the call.

Jon Doe reported:

Amazon ? Says fraudulent charge to Amazon account?? To press 1(Don't!)

Wendel Craighead reported:

Car maintenance insurance scam. Same message as from phones in other states.

melissa reported:

keeps calling my phone, no one is there. at least 4-5 times a day

Joan reported:

They called my grandmother & told her to have her CASH, INSURANCE INFO, & ID to come get a covid shot 'at blue ridge', during a time window, then hung up on her.

Jeff reported:

Call from "Amazon Prime" saying that $39.99 was being charged to my account to continue service. Press 1 to speak with a representative. I don't have an Amazon Prime account, so I pressed 1. "Representative" had an Indian accent.

s reported:

don't know this number and I want it stopped! Thank you

Bob reported:

Getting 2- 3 calls a day. Damn spammers

Robert Shepherd reported:

Called saying my social security number was being suspended

Vincent reported:

Called about a Job. Scam

Helbig Katrin reported:

Ein gewisser Mann mit dem angeblichen Namen Silva Hopkins hat mich angeschrieben und mir die Nummer gegeben um mit mir ├╝ber WhatsApp zu schreiben. Jedoch kenne ich diese Person gar nicht.

JP reported:

Posing as Apple Support. Said banking information could be compromised. Sounded like a low grade robo call.

Natasha Nikolaeva reported:

Calls in very early morning and doesn't respond. When called back, no one picks up the phone.

linda wiles reported:

Spam caller about charging me $299.00 for my computer. Calls everyday, sometimes 2 times a day.

jola reported:

Spam calls!!!!!! and sending me sms to call back

U-Haul of Western Oregon reported:

This robocall repeats in a loop and doesn't allow addition to do-not-call. The content is fascist and accusatory.

Sharon Angle/Louise Penn I gton reported:

Asking for personal info to send back brace?? No company name given!

Sam reported:

Scammer trying to get you interested in Senior living place

mike barton reported:

Keeps hanging response.

j reported:

scam car warranty call

Janis Honda reported:

keeps calling, no message on voice mail. keep blocking number but still calls.

Michelle Schmall reported:

This escort,is not a escort ,she is a professional prostitute. Also contracted hepatitis from her .

Mrs.Sidney reported:

Don't know the number, and I don't answer # I DO not know. No message left.

Joseph Cognetti reported:

Bot Calls indicating renewal of auto-insurance program for a vehicle we haven't owned for years. Seems like a scammer hijacked this #, but folks already know this.

Ashley Reid reported:

Left message saying had a certified document for me to sign for me to be at home from 11 am - 3 pm

connie reported:

Caller sends a text to your cell phone asking your phone number. When i replied "Who is this". They say "Fuccin u deep". Must be a scam or something.

shirley reported:

Said they were calling from Amazon concerning charges to my Amazon account....this number is not Amazon....??

Robert Sullivan reported:


Roberts reported:

car warrant spam

Lee reported:

This weirdo is sending me nudes and weird gifs even after I blocked the number. I don't even know who this is. WTF!



Fred F. reported:

Harrassing Robo Caller Called twice today.

Tammy Castonguay reported:

calling saying my social security has been comprimised

Laura reported:

Auto warrentee caller

Tibu reported:

Texted to call this number because my bank account had been frozen. SPAM AND FRAUD and should be reported. I did not text back because I know better but many might be taken in by this spammer who is obviously after banking information.

Kim reported:

Calls our business. Does not answer...silent on other end.

BJ BAKER reported:

This number calls us all the time and the caller ID says "Waterford, VA." Waterford numbers start with 882, not 822. They have been calling for over a year now, several times a day, from 9am thru 9pm. No messages, ever.

Steve reported:

Phone rings, men talking in background, no response when I ask who is it... Seems like a telephone "boiler room" for Sales /Marketing.

NICK D COX reported:

Caller will NOT reveal information about themselves unless I am willing to divulge all of my information first!

Geri reported:

Texting people regarding making coronavirus vaccine appts

H H reported:

Guy from Plenty of Fish. On disability and nowhere to live

K wells reported:

Harassing, reported to local PD

RamPaul reported:

Danegrous woman. Threten my family.

Michele reported:

Sending harassing messages

Frank Castle reported:

Look at all these spamming queers. Trying to spam coon shoes that bloods and crips kill each other over. Filthy spear chucking savages. Spam bot fagz.

John Rambo reported:

Don't ever spam call me again with your fake car warranty trash. I will sue you or just come to your business and kill your entire staff in a mass shooting/bombing.

Misty Vaughan reported:

This number sent out numerous mms messages to my phone over & over with only one or two words or letters. Apparently they did this to numerous different people at the same time cuz i recieved their responses to the same text due to it being sent group chat. Could be toddler got a hold of mommy's phone or an adolescent playing a prank(most likely since some of the responses mentioned they were minors) or just some malicious mental health patient or hacker but either way, was very annoying when trying to have dinner. And no one on their end bothered to reply with any apologies.


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