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Keli reported:

Stole $100 from me and caused another $35 in property damages. Scammer

Bruce reported:

Called twice, no answer on the other line

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known non-working number - A search shows this number to be from Adamsville, AL. A land line using BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC DBA SOUTH CENTRAL BELL TEL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

A.T. reported:

Junk FAX call! BLOCKED.

JK reported:

Another annoying ROBOCALL SPAM!!!!

John Cammarene reported:

They call and try to get cell phone numbers and email addresses from our company

alexander reported:

computer voice stated I would be taken into custody by local police. Said there were four serious allegations against me, requested call beck to discuss

Jeff reported:

I am receiving 3 to 5 calls a day from this number

Steve reported:

calls about tax fraud against me. scam

Kathy McHenry reported:

Spam credit call, filthy language

Kara reported:

SCAM!!! Told me to "go fuck myself" when I asked to be removed from the calling list.

Jean reported:

Googled Joyce Hambley, appears she is deceased and lived in Florida.

Diana reported:

Caller ID showed 804-562-9670 and it matches with Abdullah Abdall in Glen Allen, VA 23969-3176 at 9508 Mesquite Rd according to Whitepages but it could have been spoofed. No one on line.

tom reported:

keeps calling , hangs up without message

A reported:

After being asked to stop contacting me, he continues. He’s a scam artist, using someone else’s identity

Jon reported:

A robocall from a non-working number telemarketer scam - A search shows this number to be from Sylacauge, AL. A land line that is not in service. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Jon reported:

Liberty Mutual Insurance, Calling because I did not accept their online home insurance quote. A search shows this number to be from Denver, CO.

A. W. Spicer reported:

This gal keeps these span calls saying she represents some senior security. I have asked her repeatedly to quit calling. She also uses #'s that make you think it is Banner health calling.

Cindy Han reported:

the caller left a voice mail that acts as a potential client. Once you call back, they assure you and try to sell you exclusive advertisement for your business in their magazine. But when I asked to send me all the information via email, they just hang up on me.

Sharmalee Burnett reported:

312-965-7048 number called TWICE with a RECORDED "Credit Card" greeting wanting you to call another number. SCAM!!!

Trussville reported:

Random spam text asks you to text them back

Henry reported:

Returned the call and it was a non-working number.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known to lower your credit card interest rates - A search shows this number to be from Parish, AL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Dizzy reported:

Keeps calling me and then hanging up when i answer

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known about a application follow up about a job - I HAVE NOT FILLED OUT ANY JOB APPLICATION - A search shows this number to be from Freemont, CA. They have called several times before 1:00 PM today. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Kathe B reported:

called me from (garbled), telling me I had $299.00 refund coming & if I wanted to claim it today to dial 1. I called back let msg I couldn't understand name & to contact me again so I could ascertain whether it was some company I had dealt with in the past. I answered second call, got computer garbled noise. Sounds like a phishing scheme.

Coffee County Central High School reported:

This person called the Special Services twice (1:46 and 1:47 p.m.). The caller at first didn't speak then began mumbling something under their breath which was unintelligible both times.

Kerry reported:

I get a call from 716-480-XXXX (today was 4617) almost every day. I block the number and a new one pops up. A message is never left. I have called back several times and it is a generic VM. I have left numerous messages to stop calling. What ever happened to the do not call list for cell phones. Does that law not apply anymore??

christine patterson reported:

Claimed to be the IRS and that I was facing criminal charges

Rick reported:

This number texted me and then sent a $6000.00 counterfeit check and wanted me to deposit it im personal account so they could steal information. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS !!

john reported:

is getting private pics and threatening to make them public and ruin your rep.

disgusted in maine reported:

Idiot scammers keep trying even though I no longer answer their calls, and my mailbox is full. I feel like they have stolen my cell service from me. The national do not call registry did nothing at all to stop these calls. I have no way to block them and they just keep calling all day long.

harassed in maine reported:

Wish these stupid kids would stop giving out my phone number instead of their own, and stop misdialing. I have gotten dozens of calls from this area recently, always just after school gets out. Duh---

ja reported:

They call my cell phone when I answer they never say anything

harassed in maine reported:

this number called 5 times in one day. horribly harassed in maine!

harassed in maine reported:

nuisance calls.

harassed in maine reported:

This scammer called three times in one day and loaded my voicemail box also. No breaks for anyone on a pay per minute plan and listed on the do not call registry!

harassed in maine reported:

nuisance caller in spite of my phone listed on the natl do not call registry.

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known selling medical alert systems - A search shows this number to be from Guin, AL. A wireless number. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Steve G reported:

Wants to sell prescriptions

sandy reported:

8157184498 has called multiple times when o pick up the phone no one answered and then hangs up.

Joels reported:

This person calls almost daily but does not leave a message or talk. Its starting to feel like harassment.

B Kendal reported:

SICK of getting harassing SPAM FRAUD calls -- these people need to GO TO WORK vs. wasting our business time!!!!!!! we're reporting to: Police FTC consumer fraud deceptive trade with Attorney General Southwestern Bell Fraud

Carol reported:

I received a robo call today from this number stating I was approved for a loan up to $10,000.00. I called back and got a man on the phone who sounded familiar. I asked the name of who I was calling, Lenders Club. Long story short the last time they had a California number. Today I played along for a few minutes.!st I asked if there were any fees or if I had to run around for iTunes, he said nothing. He said the minimum loan amount was $5,000.00. I said I only need $2,000.00, then he came back with $4,000.00. I said I don't need that much and hung up. It is a fraudulent/forgery loan co., I know because I had taken a loan from them. They had me running around getting iTunes, for one loan amt put 4 deps in my checking, 3 mobile with a hold on. Another to get these iTunes. Long story short, my checking was overdrawn by over $800.00. I called them and they laughed and said call the police if I wanted. I called the fraud dept at my bank but after 15 years with them the bank closed my acct. There is a reputable Lenders Club then this scam co. Do not deal with this co. and as I also learned any loan co. who wants fees for loan first, hang up. They are scammers.

ca reported:

spam call robo cross maybe says musc nutrit have that she says she carrys the phone only so??

ca reported:

leaves no msg-SPAM

ca reported:

calls and leaves no msg-SPAM

Lin Kisslinger reported:

The lady wants me to extend my warrenty on a 2009 dodge and I have never had one and how did she get my name when I bought from a person on Base.

Shenetia reported:

Harrassing and not a legal citizen to the USA

J Colon reported:

Every single day I get a call from this number, each time I block it and they call again with different last 4 digits. This has been going on for months!


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