Area Code 210 Valid Telephone Exchanges

Area code (210) currently contains 630 local exchanges. Click an exchange below to get more information about the supported thousands digit of the phone number.

Exchange City # User Comments Last Comment From This Exchange
210-221San Antonio0
210-725San Antonio1Called a few times, but has been told has wro...
210-343San Antonio0
210-599San Antonio0
210-256San Antonio0
210-479San Antonio0
210-925San Antonio0
210-647San Antonio0
210-407San Antonio0
210-206San Antonio0
210-255San Antonio2Yes this person is using a land line to her p...
210-287San Antonio0
210-235San Antonio0
210-603San Antonio0
210-272San Antonio1wish they would stop calling. do not know who...
210-416San Antonio0
210-733San Antonio0
210-341San Antonio0
210-669San Antonio0
210-546San Antonio0
210-428San Antonio1Keeps calling and not leaving a message and m...
210-849San Antonio0
210-410San Antonio1This is a robo call about health insurance.
210-638San Antonio0
210-325San Antonio0
210-543San Antonio0
210-452San Antonio0
210-738San Antonio0
210-328San Antonio1This number has called 3 times so far. He sta...
210-228San Antonio1This guy has a very strong accent. Called fr...
210-806Austin1Becoming aggravating
210-706San Antonio1this person keeps calling in the middle of th...
210-859San Antonio1They keep calling me and hanging up when I an...
210-519San Antonio2they keep calling but never leave message. T...
210-756San Antonio1Keeps calling and leaves no message and hangs...
210-258San Antonio0
210-526San Antonio4they keep calling me, I have never had any co...
210-722San Antonio1has called several times w/no message. Calle...
210-366San Antonio0
210-684San Antonio0
210-589San Antonio2Drug dealer named Danielle Alex trying to sel...
210-713San Antonio0
210-652San Antonio0
210-855San Antonio1caller continues to call day after day even a...
210-683San Antonio1called about 100 times today from another # t...
210-945San Antonio1Received unsolicited text message: Heather, ...
210-857San Antonio1I continuously receive unwanted text messages...
210-330San Antonio0
210-472San Antonio0
210-731San Antonio0
210-434San Antonio0
210-362San Antonio1Fraudulent activity
210-609San Antonio5Shes been threatning to kill me and set my ho...
210-273San Antonio2We have received three separate calls over th...
210-384San Antonio1Calls constantly, leaves no voicemail, no ide...
210-455San Antonio0
210-626San Antonio1Call several times a day no leaving meassages...
210-564San Antonio0
210-395San Antonio0
210-418San Antonio4Caller from this number called my elderly par...
210-482San Antonio0
210-815San Antonio1This person is sending my child text messages...
210-591San Antonio2they call me every 10 minutes even after i te...
210-499San Antonio0
210-267San Antonio0
210-730San Antonio0
210-744San Antonio1Sent explicit photo by text with comment &quo...
210-991San Antonio0
210-841San Antonio0
210-385San Antonio3Calls me constantly using the same prefix and...
210-863San Antonio0
210-704San Antonio1say they are from the worthless check divison...
210-778San Antonio2calls but we don't know what they want and wo...
210-889San Antonio1This number keeps calling my girlfriend, and ...
210-967San Antonio0
210-696San Antonio0
210-867San Antonio0
210-821San Antonio0
210-373San Antonio2Calls multiple times, no messages
210-462San Antonio0
210-254San Antonio2Pain in the a...
210-465San Antonio0
210-303San Antonio1This number needs to stop calling me now. I...
210-397San Antonio0
210-614San Antonio1This individual is a scammer. He will call nu...
210-265San Antonio0
210-528San Antonio0
210-660San Antonio1sent a text wanting me to open a paypal accou...
210-869San Antonio0
210-871San Antonio2phishing scam
210-473San Antonio1Calling me only at night's for the past 3 mon...
210-249San Antonio0
210-493San Antonio0
210-836San Antonio1She is a slot I am telling you
210-426San Antonio2They constantly call my home and dont say any...
210-577San Antonio0
210-902San Antonio1Keeps harrassing me and threatening me
210-508San Antonio1calls in the wee hrs of the morning , its a r...
210-792San Antonio1Unknown number
210-772San Antonio0
210-828San Antonio0
210-321San Antonio1They called me 13 times and did not leave any...
210-251San Antonio1Making indecent calls to my number.
210-720San Antonio0
210-477San Antonio0
210-846San Antonio0
210-242San Antonio0
210-759San Antonio0
210-320San Antonio2super
210-559San Antonio0
210-458San Antonio0
210-278San Antonio0
210-468San Antonio3Collection Agency for Student Loans
210-705San Antonio0
210-378San Antonio0
210-360San Antonio0
210-594San Antonio0
210-747San Antonio0
210-327San Antonio0
210-736San Antonio1They'll give you $5 to fill out a survey on w...
210-333San Antonio0
210-536San Antonio0
210-777San Antonio2I want them to stop calling and texting me
210-624San Antonio1A robocall - A search shows this number to be...
210-667San Antonio1calls all time of the night and makes hang up...
210-349San Antonio0
210-912San Antonio1this person is horrarsing women on a dating s...
210-264San Antonio0
210-710San Antonio0
210-893San Antonio2Middle man company for retail automobile sell...
210-529San Antonio1Calls 3-4 times every day - rude if answered
210-813San Antonio0
210-754San Antonio0
210-697San Antonio0
210-604San Antonio0
210-257San Antonio0
210-553San Antonio0
210-880San Antonio6Stated there was a legal action filed on my s...
210-786San Antonio0
210-767San Antonio1called for someone that i did not know. Appea...
210-338San Antonio1My daughter got a call from this number; she...
210-787San Antonio5These assholes call me daily and do not say a...
210-353San Antonio0
210-527San Antonio2Received inappropriate texted containing sexu...
210-637San Antonio0
210-241San Antonio1She is stalking my teenage son
210-261San Antonio0
210-797San Antonio0
210-534San Antonio0
210-581San Antonio0
210-436San Antonio0
210-323San Antonio0
210-885San Antonio0
210-650San Antonio0
210-548San Antonio0
210-827San Antonio0
210-842San Antonio1scam/harassment
210-854San Antonio0
210-531San Antonio0
210-213San Antonio0
210-446San Antonio2Was a computer guy calling me to tell me my c...
210-808San Antonio0
210-883San Antonio0
210-296San Antonio1Keeps texting me!
210-339San Antonio0
210-478San Antonio0
210-924San Antonio0
210-223San Antonio1Owner of this number has called multiple time...
210-513San Antonio0
210-329San Antonio1Called multiple times today, pretending to be...
210-382San Antonio0
210-680San Antonio0
210-335San Antonio0
210-629San Antonio0
210-698San Antonio0
210-586San Antonio0
210-979San Antonio0
210-695San Antonio0
210-933San Antonio1keeps calling and will not leave any messages...
210-661San Antonio0
210-623San Antonio0
210-374San Antonio1Received several calls claiming to be from Tr...
210-582San Antonio0
210-645San Antonio0
210-216San Antonio1Nuisance: no message, no name, nothing but no...
210-476San Antonio0
210-886San Antonio0
210-225San Antonio0
210-938San Antonio0
210-853San Antonio0
210-542San Antonio2I receive threats from this number
210-377San Antonio0
210-247San Antonio2This number is sending scam text messages to ...
210-274San Antonio2always calling asking for a john cussing at m...
210-487San Antonio0
210-579San Antonio0
210-565San Antonio0
210-310San Antonio1I get called from this number 2X daily with n...
210-393San Antonio0
210-203San Antonio0
210-734San Antonio0
210-365San Antonio0
210-724San Antonio2sending pornigraphic photos
210-820San Antonio0
210-602San Antonio1Sending fake advertisement to steal people's ...
210-253San Antonio0
210-648San Antonio0
210-691San Antonio0
210-475San Antonio1calling me everyday
210-406San Antonio1I answered hello. No one said anything then h...
210-970San Antonio3The call is saying that there is judgement ag...
210-316San Antonio1Receiving harassing text messages from this n...
210-337San Antonio0
210-277San Antonio0
210-500San Antonio0
210-823San Antonio0
210-467San Antonio0
210-916San Antonio0
210-980San Antonio0
210-822San Antonio0
210-657San Antonio0
210-573San Antonio2Call concerning credit card account, always s...
210-460San Antonio5STOP fucking calling i tell u every time STOP...
210-606San Antonio0
210-489San Antonio1Pure phone harassment and threats
210-308San Antonio0
210-932San Antonio0
210-470San Antonio1Extremely hostile crank call. This person sho...
210-587San Antonio0
210-633San Antonio0
210-745San Antonio1This number claims to be from Social Security...
210-425San Antonio2Keep getting text messages from this number. ...
210-423San Antonio1I received a text at midnight from this numbe...
210-671San Antonio1Dunno if this is a scam, but they sent me a f...
210-485San Antonio0
210-518San Antonio0
210-502San Antonio0
210-270San Antonio0
210-655San Antonio0
210-632San Antonio0
210-285San Antonio0
210-903Austin10This person is texting my personal unlisted n...
210-431San Antonio0
210-481San Antonio1This number keeps calling and hanging
210-939San Antonio0
210-707San Antonio0
210-248San Antonio0
210-421San Antonio2Don't know who this number is and just called...
210-532San Antonio0
210-331San Antonio0
210-615San Antonio0
210-404San Antonio0
210-555San Antonio1received a call from this number, but they wi...
210-291San Antonio13 calls no message within 2 minutes... What ...
210-654San Antonio0
210-692San Antonio0
210-914San Antonio0
210-370San Antonio0
210-408San Antonio1answered phone was fax machine. i did not ans...
210-701San Antonio1this number has been harrassing me saying my ...
210-250San Antonio0
210-286San Antonio0
210-662San Antonio0
210-342San Antonio0
210-782San Antonio2They called and ask for someone and didn't te...
210-212San Antonio1no open website
210-515San Antonio0
210-834San Antonio3Celine phone for her bf she is having an affa...
210-658San Antonio1Caller ID reads Felix Leon. I answered and p...
210-386San Antonio0
210-651San Antonio0
210-888San Antonio5computer voice claiming to be from the ss dep...
210-643San Antonio1M is a lying cheating son of bitch that don't...
210-364San Antonio3Received an automated call that my credit car...
210-694San Antonio0
210-999San Antonio0
210-547San Antonio3Keeps calling my phone which keeps reading sp...
210-618San Antonio1Phone sex,call girl
210-689San Antonio1I am conitnuously receiving unwanted text mes...
210-444San Antonio0
210-576San Antonio0
210-627San Antonio0
210-375San Antonio0
210-263San Antonio0
210-298San Antonio0
210-368San Antonio1Caller tried to sign me up for a three-year &...
210-568San Antonio0
210-359San Antonio0
210-390San Antonio2Bogus threatening calls bordering harassment ...
210-229San Antonio0
210-896San Antonio1This call comes through frequently and someti...
210-234San Antonio0
210-989San Antonio0
210-207San Antonio0
210-681San Antonio0
210-625San Antonio2I just received a phone call from the "S...
210-412San Antonio1I am with Spectrum (TWC). I do not know the p...
210-775San Antonio3Social Security fraud, claimed I'd be arreste...
210-690San Antonio1This number calls me a lot and when I answer ...
210-422San Antonio0
210-584San Antonio1Calls all during the night, is the wrong numb...
210-746San Antonio0
210-908San Antonio2Stupid bitch keeps calling my bf fuck off hoe...
210-646San Antonio1Sending unwanted text messages about how the ...
210-520San Antonio1I said I thought the caller had a wrong numbe...
210-497San Antonio0
210-894San Antonio0
210-402San Antonio0
210-566San Antonio1He called me saying there was something wrong...
210-804San Antonio0
210-435San Antonio0
210-283San Antonio0
210-259San Antonio1I do not appreciate getting calls about praye...
210-429San Antonio1This is my work phone. He has been calling a...
210-688San Antonio0
210-572San Antonio0
210-877San Antonio0
210-312San Antonio0
210-299San Antonio1hi
210-789San Antonio0
210-723San Antonio1Keeps texting me to go outside and calling me...
210-309San Antonio1called at 2:32am Nov 8, 2012, did not say any...
210-563San Antonio0
210-271San Antonio0
210-978San Antonio0
210-239San Antonio4Wanting a donation. Wanting money. No police ...
210-558San Antonio0
210-367San Antonio2some sort of telemarketer, calls at least 5 t...
210-315San Antonio1Sending nude pictures of women, men, and chil...
210-639San Antonio1phone number is my device
210-957San Antonio1This number calls daily about 3 times and lea...
210-595San Antonio0
210-290San Antonio2This company won't stop calling me. Some kind...
210-483San Antonio0
210-371San Antonio1This person has been harassing me for the pas...
210-396San Antonio0
210-204San Antonio2This person is sending me harrassing text mes...
210-525San Antonio0
210-550San Antonio0
210-798San Antonio0
210-363San Antonio0
210-838San Antonio0
210-687San Antonio0
210-218San Antonio0
210-795San Antonio0
210-319San Antonio3They call me every day, I have told them I ha...
210-505San Antonio4Text messaging offering sex from a young girl...
210-509San Antonio1Calls me Ferret Face then hangs up! I want ju...
210-753San Antonio0
210-313San Antonio2Saying hes gonna kill me
210-824San Antonio0
210-616San Antonio0
210-246San Antonio1keep calling my Home In California late at Ni...
210-403San Antonio0
210-977San Antonio0
210-448San Antonio0
210-833San Antonio2This person called me and asked to know who I...
210-454San Antonio1Being a little fag boy
210-635San Antonio0
210-682San Antonio0
210-289San Antonio2Woman demanded personal information from me s...
210-276San Antonio0
210-516San Antonio0
210-226San Antonio0
210-628San Antonio0
210-592San Antonio0
210-302San Antonio0
210-737San Antonio0
210-275San Antonio0
210-231San Antonio0
210-224San Antonio1The person that is call for this number is ma...
210-949San Antonio0
210-785San Antonio0
210-538San Antonio4 beware , beware he has been using this numbe...
210-498San Antonio0
210-391San Antonio1This phone of mine was stolen
210-995San Antonio0
210-665San Antonio0
210-544San Antonio5Real # is 210-672-4642 in Gonzales , Texas
210-757San Antonio1I do not no the person. I am a Senior Citizen...
210-389San Antonio1Robot call telling me something about Travelo...
210-268San Antonio0
210-674San Antonio0
210-300San Antonio0
210-678San Antonio0
210-484San Antonio1This call comes in about lowering credit card...
210-861San Antonio0
210-324San Antonio1Harrassment, not known.
210-533San Antonio0
210-441San Antonio8Threatening arrest and lawsuit due to some So...
210-447San Antonio0
210-445San Antonio0
210-232San Antonio1Been calling and harassing me and wont stop!!...
210-381San Antonio0
210-442San Antonio0
210-209San Antonio2This is a whore who pays for sex and will har...
210-788San Antonio0
210-554San Antonio0
210-990San Antonio0
210-413San Antonio1Left voicemail about reducing credit card rat...
210-921San Antonio0
210-501San Antonio3We texted each other about a guitar I listed ...
210-400San Antonio1Scam artist claims she needs a place for her ...
210-260San Antonio0
210-486San Antonio0
210-355San Antonio1Caller never answers. After a pause, the cal...
210-456San Antonio0
210-607San Antonio4Scam call to get into a computer and "re...
210-755San Antonio0
210-466San Antonio0
210-845San Antonio1Annoying calls won't stop. #210-845-2355.
210-415San Antonio0
210-220San Antonio0
210-856San Antonio0
210-578San Antonio0
210-205San Antonio0
210-617San Antonio0
210-471San Antonio0
210-835San Antonio0
210-474San Antonio0
210-317San Antonio0
210-244San Antonio0
210-297San Antonio0
210-699San Antonio0
210-693San Antonio1left several message with no info on my work ...
210-619San Antonio1This woman keeps calling me after i told her ...
210-200San Antonio3The call was made by a male, with foreign acc...
210-230San Antonio0
210-222San Antonio0
210-941San Antonio0
210-352San Antonio0
210-440San Antonio0
210-346San Antonio2Fraud?
210-344San Antonio0
210-233San Antonio1I got a call from this number and when I answ...
210-357San Antonio0
210-409San Antonio3Backpage rip off. She places ads in different...
210-392San Antonio0
210-831San Antonio0
210-450San Antonio0
210-881San Antonio1I called the number back and it is an automat...
210-507San Antonio0
210-913San Antonio1This is a scam someone sounds like they are f...
210-506San Antonio0
210-605San Antonio3texting sexually explicit pictures to my spou...
210-928San Antonio0
210-219San Antonio0
210-240San Antonio0
210-358San Antonio0
210-492San Antonio0
210-679San Antonio0
210-622Atascosa1They call saying they are a mediator for the ...
210-748San Antonio2This chick will not leave me alone, I' ve tol...
210-832San Antonio1Caling from an unknown number probably a coll...
210-930San Antonio1Have received several calls from this phone n...
210-496San Antonio0
210-522San Antonio0
210-588San Antonio0
210-494San Antonio0
210-388San Antonio2This number calls repeatedly multiple times a...
210-818San Antonio0
210-280San Antonio5Yes, this is the same one...a fog horn and so...
210-917San Antonio0
210-490San Antonio0
210-387San Antonio3Keeps texting HELLO four days.
210-279San Antonio0
210-379San Antonio0
210-644San Antonio0
210-269San Antonio1Person calls and hangs up. RUDE!!
210-752San Antonio0
210-457San Antonio0
210-630San Antonio0
210-369San Antonio0
210-771San Antonio2Foul mouthed, rude, disgusting excuse for a p...
210-414San Antonio0
210-805San Antonio0
210-825San Antonio0
210-666San Antonio0
210-530San Antonio0
210-438San Antonio0
210-927San Antonio1k
210-380San Antonio0
210-675San Antonio0
210-432San Antonio0
210-826San Antonio0
210-732San Antonio0
210-372San Antonio0
210-887San Antonio1Calling threatening me
210-292San Antonio0
210-739San Antonio0
210-918San Antonio0
210-314San Antonio0
210-351San Antonio0
210-892San Antonio5This people are not polite, start asking sket...
210-451San Antonio1keep calling, stop harrssing me
210-262San Antonio0
210-954San Antonio2says 250.00 gift card pack...i do not believe...
210-348San Antonio0
210-282San Antonio0
210-541San Antonio0
210-427San Antonio0
210-214San Antonio1Harrasing my boyfriend luis
210-922San Antonio0
210-266San Antonio0
210-884San Antonio1Harrasing non stop sales calls. Threatening e...
210-613San Antonio0
210-843San Antonio0
210-521San Antonio0
210-659San Antonio0
210-433San Antonio0
210-779San Antonio0
210-340San Antonio0
210-852San Antonio1i got a text from these number and have no id...
210-347San Antonio0
210-354San Antonio0
210-685San Antonio0
210-524San Antonio0
210-703San Antonio0
210-437San Antonio0
210-860San Antonio1This number has been contacting me with inapp...
210-561San Antonio0
210-829San Antonio0
210-281San Antonio0
210-504San Antonio3Threatening legal action unless you cough up ...
210-735San Antonio0
210-376San Antonio0
210-394San Antonio0
210-293San Antonio0
210-653San Antonio0
210-420San Antonio3Christopher his mother Barbara and father con...
210-937San Antonio0
210-453San Antonio0
210-326San Antonio1Calls & either does not leave a message o...
210-601San Antonio1a kids, boy and his friends called from this ...
210-590San Antonio0
210-443San Antonio0
210-503San Antonio0
210-872San Antonio1keep call all day long
210-208San Antonio0
210-217San Antonio0
210-593San Antonio0
210-670San Antonio0
210-523San Antonio0
210-345San Antonio0
210-356San Antonio0
210-562San Antonio0
210-332San Antonio0
210-649San Antonio0
210-865San Antonio1ayuda porque seguridad
210-677San Antonio0
210-569San Antonio1Keeps asking who I am.
210-227San Antonio0
210-237San Antonio0
210-322San Antonio2He is sexually harassing me
210-764San Antonio1harrassing phone calls, almost every stinking...
210-621San Antonio0
210-844San Antonio0
210-575San Antonio0
210-567San Antonio0
210-430San Antonio4Caller id says Martin Phipps. Calls 3 times a...
210-383San Antonio0
210-858San Antonio2Above comment entered in error. Only two o ca...
210-875San Antonio2Seems to have the same number so i get all he...
210-215San Antonio1210-215-6946. rec'd text message. walmart cus...
210-288San Antonio2Caller told my 70 year old mother-in-law he w...
210-461San Antonio0
210-495San Antonio0
210-673San Antonio0
210-545San Antonio0
210-424San Antonio2I too have been called repeatedly even though...
210-439San Antonio1Texted asking to "do this video walkie t...
210-304San Antonio0
210-334San Antonio1i don't know who you are but somehow this num...
210-946San Antonio0
210-663San Antonio1They keep sending me cat facts an will not st...
210-897San Antonio0
210-909San Antonio0
210-459San Antonio1This number calls my house constantly and cal...
210-398San Antonio0
210-656San Antonio0
210-870San Antonio2She is not harrassing me. This phone number I...
210-600San Antonio1keeps callings why?
210-336San Antonio0
210-781San Antonio0
210-557San Antonio3Calls all the time. Have number blocked.
210-464San Antonio0
210-491San Antonio0
210-295San Antonio0
210-839San Antonio1daily calls
210-535San Antonio1Keeps calling ! Don't know who it is. No voic...
210-641San Antonio0
210-401San Antonio7Calling claiming they are from CPS Energy and...
210-814San Antonio0
210-301San Antonio3the fuckin assholes keep callin here to, but ...
210-463San Antonio1Claiming fraudulent activity and pressing cha...

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