Area Code 415 Valid Telephone Exchanges

Area code (415) currently contains 708 local exchanges. Click an exchange below to get more information about the supported thousands digit of the phone number.

Exchange City # User Comments Last Comment From This Exchange
415-444San Rafael1This number has sent me sexual comments, posi...
415-626San Francisco0
415-277San Francisco0
415-982San Francisco0
415-431San Francisco1Craiglist Puchase scam
415-867San Francisco1Uber Scam Caller
415-367Sausalito1I get call's from this number about 3 to 4 ti...
415-235San Francisco1answered phone thinking it was my doctor's of...
415-392San Francisco0
415-515San Francisco1always calling me a for louis escabar claimin...
415-948San Francisco0
415-522San Francisco0
415-614San Francisco1said was a fax number-- this guy is running a...
415-384Mill Valley0
415-239San Francisco0
415-494San Bruno0
415-512San Francisco0
415-504San Francisco2Insisted that my husband contact them asap bu...
415-554San Francisco0
415-894San Francisco0
415-538San Francisco0
415-871San Francisco0
415-409San Francisco0
415-695San Francisco0
415-486San Francisco0
415-520San Francisco0
415-629San Francisco0
415-602San Francisco0
415-876San Francisco0
415-972San Francisco0
415-428San Francisco0
415-499San Rafael0
415-532San Geronimo1I need to know who this individual is
415-297San Francisco0
415-627San Francisco2Text me, it said pictures were post on web
415-219San Francisco1Someone from this f**king number calls every ...
415-273San Francisco0
415-553San Francisco0
415-236Inverness3Rings, voicemail, no message. Repeats until b...
415-661San Francisco0
415-652San Francisco0
415-772San Francisco0
415-623San Francisco1This number appears on my phone bill as if I ...
415-679San Francisco0
415-421San Francisco0
415-366Tiburon9Two "missed" calls from this number...
415-733San Francisco0
415-487San Francisco0
415-859San Bruno0
415-836San Francisco0
415-776San Francisco0
415-430San Francisco0
415-359San Francisco1Weird Xmas message, don't know what is about ...
415-573San Francisco2Please stop calling my phone number. I have t...
415-748San Francisco0
415-373San Francisco0
415-845San Francisco0
415-591San Francisco0
415-501San Francisco1Stated I owed IRS money and that I would be a...
415-850San Francisco1Someone calling my mother harrassing her abou...
415-615San Francisco0
415-874San Francisco0
415-536San Francisco0
415-542San Francisco0
415-955San Francisco0
415-775San Francisco0
415-595San Francisco1It's 5am. No message. Stop calling
415-692San Francisco0
415-620San Francisco2DEAD AIR,
415-270San Francisco0
415-368San Francisco0
415-834San Francisco0
415-728San Francisco2IRS calling to say a lawsuit has been filed a...
415-352San Francisco1This caller made harm and extortion threats; ...
415-570San Bruno0
415-552San Francisco0
415-459San Rafael1On September 16,2012 I ordered a cd , titled ...
415-659San Francisco0
415-217San Francisco0
415-557San Francisco0
415-518San Francisco0
415-294San Bruno0
415-485San Rafael0
415-346San Francisco1Continues to call me, never leaves a message ...
415-715San Francisco0
415-837San Francisco2called left no message
415-254San Francisco0
415-357San Francisco0
415-372San Francisco0
415-640San Francisco0
415-425San Francisco1Keeps calling every few months from a blocked...
415-690Tiburon1Michael Clark EMP.#07321 IRS, reports trouble...
415-828San Francisco0
415-495San Francisco0
415-440San Francisco1Keeps calling and leaving no message.
415-971San Francisco1louis goodson harrison st
415-592San Francisco0
415-396San Francisco1soliciting for ATM numbers
415-824San Francisco0
415-281San Francisco0
415-287San Bruno4Continuing to call harassing me about a loan ...
415-216San Francisco0
415-995San Francisco0
415-694San Francisco0
415-447San Francisco0
415-298San Francisco0
415-916Anaheim1Continuous calls and hangups on my line. Rin...
415-207San Francisco0
415-255San Francisco0
415-754Sausalito2Yea keeps asking for money
415-932San Francisco2Tax scam
415-242San Francisco0
415-272Sausalito1This unknown person sent text to say need hel...
415-401San Francisco0
415-412San Francisco0
415-706San Francisco1This person, Rochelle Cheng McDevitt, is a cy...
415-347San Bruno2I'm receiving numerous weird text messages da...
415-458San Rafael0
415-560San Francisco0
415-752San Francisco0
415-264San Francisco0
415-984San Francisco0
415-419San Geronimo0
415-334San Francisco0
415-978San Francisco0
415-351San Francisco0
415-427San Francisco0
415-907San Francisco0
415-252San Francisco0
415-699San Francisco2using (415) 699-XXXX phone numbers keep calli...
415-704San Bruno0
415-786San Francisco1This person has face times me and I answered ...
415-578San Geronimo1Constant texts being received with the follow...
415-633San Francisco0
415-839San Francisco1The number you have dialed has been disconnec...
415-671San Francisco1they keep calling--sales call. I've asked th...
415-877Mill Valley0
415-356San Francisco0
415-793San Francisco0
415-656San Francisco2hola
415-753San Francisco0
415-973San Francisco0
415-326Mill Valley0
415-952Stinson Beach10They keep telling me that I have a loan that ...
415-422San Francisco0
415-809San Francisco0
415-880San Bruno0
415-743San Francisco0
415-587San Francisco0
415-418San Francisco1Number or Person keeps calling my cell and ha...
415-987San Francisco0
415-673San Francisco0
415-443San Bruno0
415-726San Geronimo0
415-533San Francisco1sucksfuck divks
415-977San Francisco0
415-680San Francisco0
415-825San Bruno2keeps calling in the middle of the night and ...
415-394San Francisco0
415-605San Francisco1This phone# owner hacked my email account for...
415-979San Francisco0
415-744San Francisco0
415-378San Francisco0
415-256San Rafael0
415-280San Francisco0
415-923San Francisco0
415-928San Francisco0
415-829San Francisco1Calling for Discovery Management Sys. Sayi...
415-399San Francisco0
415-915San Francisco0
415-613San Francisco1This number was paired on Twittwer @CraveMy...
415-544San Francisco0
415-315San Francisco3Continuing to call harassing me about a loan ...
415-210San Francisco0
415-664San Francisco0
415-998San Francisco0
415-724San Francisco3SPAM. Leaves multiple incoherent VM. Gives c...
415-397San Francisco0
415-708San Francisco0
415-327San Francisco0
415-251Novato6They are thieves saying they are a loan compa...
415-344San Francisco1Called my work #. Caller ID read "CBS I...
415-248San Francisco0
415-310San Francisco1i ilke your hair cut
415-742San Francisco3Owner of this land line making threatening ca...
415-796San Francisco0
415-646San Francisco1SPAM message : 50$ gift card... blablabla n...
415-970San Francisco0
415-551San Francisco0
415-354San Francisco0
415-474San Francisco0
415-608San Francisco0
415-550San Francisco0
415-376San Francisco3Recorded call stating her name was Nikki John...
415-643San Francisco0
415-826San Francisco0
415-473San Rafael0
415-288San Francisco0
415-588San Francisco0
415-843Mill Valley0
415-232San Francisco0
415-819San Francisco0
415-226San Geronimo4Please
415-791San Francisco0
415-449San Francisco2This is an unassigned number that was listed ...
415-292San Francisco0
415-233San Geronimo3I want to know who called me from 415 233-376...
415-962San Francisco1Pre-recorded message in Chinese. Probably Co...
415-864San Francisco0
415-283San Francisco0
415-681San Francisco0
415-225San Francisco0
415-519San Francisco0
415-249San Francisco0
415-253San Francisco0
415-317San Francisco0
415-820San Francisco0
415-205San Francisco1came in as text message have no idea who this...
415-342San Geronimo1Just called me annoying
415-749San Francisco0
415-213San Francisco1The voice mail claimed they're calling from C...
415-763Novato1An unwanted call arrived from this San Franci...
415-450San Geronimo0
415-509San Francisco1calling and texting me late at night and earl...
415-558San Francisco0
415-452San Francisco2This number belongs to a prostitute who poses...
415-890San Bruno1Called numerous times to get a time when I wo...
415-263San Francisco0
415-875San Francisco0
415-505San Francisco0
415-360Mill Valley2Have been receiving text messages from this n...
415-218San Francisco0
415-400San Francisco0
415-677San Francisco0
415-637San Francisco1No message left, several calls Called them b...
415-265San Francisco1I am being harassed by calls from 415265 6873...
415-393San Francisco0
415-678San Francisco1idiot repeatedly rings through to voicemail, ...
415-717San Geronimo0
415-774San Francisco0
415-999San Francisco0
415-598Nicasio1keep calling our number but leaves no message...
415-765San Francisco0
415-388Mill Valley0
415-203San Francisco0
415-816San Francisco4The Person who owns this phone number is scam...
415-571San Francisco1Purported caller name, called my number to in...
415-862Stinson Beach0
415-410San Francisco1having trouble getting text messages from you...
415-641San Francisco0
415-931San Francisco0
415-237Inverness2this number emailed me about calling his wif...
415-771San Francisco1This is a recording from Walgreens Pharmacy. ...
415-838San Geronimo0
415-561San Francisco0
415-507San Rafael0
415-284San Francisco0
415-314San Francisco0
415-202San Francisco2I got a 2 phone calls from 415-202-3950, the ...
415-674San Francisco0
415-701San Francisco0
415-831San Francisco0
415-230San Francisco0
415-725San Francisco0
415-582San Francisco0
415-240San Francisco1keeps calling and sending insulting messages...
415-355San Francisco0
415-644San Francisco3calling and automated voice saying investigat...
415-913San Francisco0
415-243San Francisco0
415-307San Francisco0
415-322Mill Valley4craigs list scammer cars
415-747San Geronimo2left a strange message with this call back nu...
415-691Tiburon4Ad on craigslist offering a 1985 Harley David...
415-685San Francisco6Says they are from prosper funding llc do not...
415-879Mill Valley0
415-586San Francisco0
415-377San Francisco0
415-250San Geronimo1I have received several solicitation text mes...
415-455San Rafael0
415-861San Francisco0
415-735San Francisco3advising that they are from the IRS and will ...
415-434San Francisco0
415-768San Francisco0
415-223San Geronimo0
415-686San Geronimo1I was charged for 2 calls to this phone numbe...
415-329Larkspur4Continue to call my two (2) cell phones looki...
415-286San Francisco1This guy likes making threatening phone calls...
415-833San Francisco0
415-869San Francisco0
415-787Point Reyes Station2obvious fraud trying to get social security n...
415-305San Francisco4This person, Hayat Yahia of Marin County, is ...
415-269San Francisco0
415-363San Francisco6I am fairly certain this is an IRS scam. The...
415-302San Geronimo0
415-663Point Reyes Station1This man is a romance scammer who claims he l...
415-380Mill Valley0
415-407San Francisco0
415-841San Francisco1This person has called me daily for a week. T...
415-810San Francisco0
415-234Novato7Claims to be IRS threatening prison etc. if I...
415-912San Francisco3Person has been messaging me for years solici...
415-545San Francisco0
415-577San Francisco0
415-856San Francisco0
415-830San Francisco2Left me a voice message in Chinese. I don't k...
415-244San Francisco0
415-863San Francisco0
415-482San Rafael0
415-632San Francisco1keeps calling and hanging up..prank calling
415-362San Francisco0
415-667San Francisco0
415-309San Francisco1Received text message from this number indica...
415-739San Francisco0
415-336San Francisco1keeps calling,mexican sounding man ask if I c...
415-318San Francisco1ive been billed long distance for calling tha...
415-306San Geronimo0
415-760San Francisco0
415-274San Francisco0
415-358San Francisco1I got a phone call from this number recently....
415-330San Francisco0
415-325San Bruno1Text messaging scams about Best Buy gift card...
415-807San Francisco0
415-338San Francisco0
415-389Mill Valley0
415-524San Geronimo1This guy is a psycho!!! He has been stalking ...
415-345San Francisco1Some guy keeps calling from this number sayin...
415-806San Francisco0
415-617San Francisco0
415-472San Rafael0
415-502San Francisco0
415-975San Francisco0
415-922San Francisco0
415-296San Francisco0
415-448San Geronimo1called 3 times today but no voicemail
415-746San Francisco3Said he was contacting to prevent actions by ...
415-630Nicasio2its a scam texting my cell phone to ask if I ...
415-488San Geronimo0
415-981San Francisco0
415-882San Francisco0
415-713San Francisco1spam for cash advance. S...
415-740San Bruno0
415-719San Francisco0
415-391San Francisco0
415-341San Francisco0
415-968Mill Valley2stop calling me...i am disabled
415-779Stinson Beach1This person is mentally ill. Please take thei...
415-516San Francisco0
415-469San Francisco0
415-420San Francisco1when i picked up on a call from this number, ...
415-290San Francisco1Keeps calling and asking for different people...
415-224San Francisco0
415-773San Francisco1you all are stealing people's information and...
415-462San Geronimo1When the turd doesn't leave a name, that's ha...
415-343San Francisco0
415-889Tiburon1Called 4 times today and stayed on the line l...
415-349San Bruno1Craigslist scammer.+1 (415) 349-3738
415-593San Francisco0
415-476San Francisco0
415-885San Francisco0
415-247San Francisco0
415-246Novato1Caller didn't give name. Introduced herself ...
415-946San Francisco0
415-594San Bruno0
415-688San Geronimo0
415-300San Geronimo0
415-868Stinson Beach0
415-963San Francisco0
415-477San Francisco0
415-525San Francisco0
415-842Novato4Left message that they were the FBI, had an a...
415-921San Francisco0
415-405San Francisco0
415-479San Rafael0
415-369San Francisco1another marketing call
415-241San Francisco0
415-441San Francisco0
415-496Larkspur1picked up silence no one there
415-212San Francisco0
415-403San Francisco0
415-381Mill Valley0
415-559San Francisco0
415-651San Francisco0
415-291San Francisco0
415-657San Francisco0
415-703San Francisco0
415-387San Francisco0
415-282San Francisco0
415-823San Francisco1harassment - unwanted contacts
415-374San Francisco0
415-222San Francisco0
415-814San Francisco0
415-285San Francisco0
415-601San Francisco2criminal threats im about to press charge...
415-531San Francisco0
415-228San Francisco0
415-245San Francisco0
415-710San Francisco1Person keeps on calling with different reques...
415-439San Francisco1Sold a puppy to me for christmas, but trun ou...
415-756San Francisco0
415-827Novato5I lost phone I have another phone. Needs to...
415-445San Francisco0
415-521San Bruno1415-521-2210 text me regarding to my ad (East...
415-365San Francisco0
415-436San Francisco0
415-491San Rafael0
415-666San Francisco1I received calls from 415-666-2156 many times...
415-348San Francisco0
415-229San Francisco2I am being inundated with numerous unwanted p...
415-312San Francisco1She texts me every 6 months and refuses to st...
415-762San Francisco0
415-994San Francisco3Sending rude racist text messages
415-564San Francisco0
415-385San Francisco0
415-860San Francisco1Bullshit called, he have nothing to do. and k...
415-799San Bruno3Repeated calls showing up on caller ID but no...
415-556San Francisco0
415-901San Francisco0
415-751San Francisco0
415-517San Francisco0
415-896San Francisco0
415-720San Geronimo0
415-631Point Reyes Station0
415-777San Francisco0
415-636San Francisco0
415-645San Francisco1Called in and gave the heavy breathing routin...
415-658San Francisco0
415-375San Francisco1This phone number 415-375- 0995 calls a coupl...
415-722San Francisco0
415-817San Francisco0
415-546San Francisco0
415-745San Francisco0
415-992San Francisco0
415-738San Francisco0
415-783San Francisco0
415-424San Francisco4hacker
415-935San Francisco2Investigating your name; Call 415-935-6827 e...
415-727Inverness3Text subject line is apparently about covid 1...
415-335San Bruno0
415-567San Francisco0
415-433San Francisco0
415-622San Francisco1This number keeps texting me words form the b...
415-313San Francisco0
415-616San Francisco0
415-383Mill Valley0
415-642San Francisco0
415-220San Francisco0
415-215San Francisco1Do I want to sell my house? Scam!!!!
415-293San Francisco0
415-395San Francisco0
415-702San Francisco2Automated message to pay past due Sprint bill...
415-734San Francisco0
415-484Stinson Beach2Nigerian scammer
415-350San Francisco1Receiving text spams from this number regardi...
415-451San Rafael0
415-767Anaheim1A robocall about making lots of money. A sear...
415-689San Francisco5several calls from 689-9103 starting at 4:00 ...
415-920San Francisco0
415-404San Francisco0
415-498San Francisco0
415-778San Francisco0
415-721San Rafael0
415-513San Francisco2SCAM from "" claimin...
415-279San Francisco2Don't answer some crazy asian guy who keep ca...
415-736San Francisco0
415-672San Bruno0
415-755San Geronimo0
415-794San Francisco0
415-840San Bruno0
415-497San Geronimo0
415-832San Francisco0
415-606San Francisco0
415-267San Francisco0
415-675San Francisco1says we won new car, wants 350.00 money gram ...
415-676San Francisco1i think its a cab driver that kept my number ...
415-597San Francisco0
415-467San Francisco1called saying they were from Marriott hotels ...
415-576San Francisco0
415-596San Francisco0
415-648San Francisco0
415-221San Francisco0
415-555San Francisco0
415-457San Rafael0
415-262San Francisco0
415-572San Francisco2A fact # connected to me
415-324Sausalito2Got a call from this number that left a messa...
415-278San Francisco0
415-390Point Reyes Station1keeps sending me texts msg wants me to send m...
415-655San Francisco0
415-649San Francisco2I get a text message once a month from this #...
415-466San Bruno2Was the callers name beware.
415-835San Francisco0
415-732San Francisco0
415-581San Francisco0
415-997Nicasio1I have asked them to stop calling and still g...
415-543San Francisco0
415-526San Geronimo0
415-954San Francisco0
415-939San Francisco0
415-258San Rafael0
415-437San Francisco0
415-547San Francisco0
415-579San Geronimo0
415-574San Francisco0
415-238San Francisco0
415-562San Bruno0
415-634Mill Valley2Don't know who this is but I received an inap...
415-454San Rafael0
415-204San Francisco0
415-668San Francisco0
415-956San Francisco0
415-782San Francisco0
415-530Mill Valley0
415-974San Francisco0
415-569Mill Valley0
415-563San Francisco0
415-693San Francisco0
415-847San Geronimo0
415-268San Francisco0
415-784San Geronimo0
415-386San Francisco0
415-844San Francisco0
415-822San Francisco0
415-798Novato1This is the false message which should be rep...
415-295San Geronimo0
415-821San Francisco1This number is listed on their companies webs...
415-929San Francisco1prank call to center
415-698San Francisco0
415-759San Francisco0
415-647San Francisco0
415-541San Francisco0
415-460San Rafael0
415-503San Francisco0
415-453San Rafael0
415-983San Francisco0
415-465Sausalito2He does not want to take responsibility for o...
415-600San Francisco0
415-438San Francisco0
415-206San Francisco0
415-621San Francisco0
415-527San Francisco0
415-865San Francisco0
415-607San Francisco0
415-442San Francisco0
415-986San Francisco0
415-271San Francisco0
415-566San Francisco1unknown callr
415-537San Francisco0
415-700Anaheim1this person calls me with annoyance claiming ...
415-370San Francisco0
415-540San Francisco0
415-321San Francisco0
415-584San Francisco0
415-944Sausalito1th"s nos keeps on unwanted text ! report...
415-456San Rafael0
415-468San Francisco0
415-308San Francisco0
415-785San Geronimo0
415-709San Francisco0
415-682San Francisco0
415-624San Francisco2It said. Just put new pics on my profile here...
415-514San Francisco0
415-303San Francisco0
415-379San Francisco0
415-953San Francisco0
415-684San Francisco3Leaving notes on my car
415-750San Francisco0
415-800San Francisco1Claimed to be from the IRS and demanded money...
415-788San Francisco0
415-353San Francisco0
415-764San Francisco0
415-933San Francisco4this guy is a perv who send pics of his "...
415-200San Francisco16how many lines can the same scammer have? I'v...
415-898Novato1Wanted to clear my debt? Nope! Scam or a robo...
415-792San Francisco0
415-208San Francisco0
415-489San Francisco0
415-723Point Reyes Station0
415-803San Francisco0
415-951San Francisco0
415-609San Francisco0
415-683San Francisco4This is the phone number of a scammer! BEWAR...
415-908San Francisco0
415-716San Francisco0
415-478San Francisco0
415-766San Francisco2Calling about a social security litigation ma...
415-364San Francisco0
415-888Mill Valley0
415-804San Francisco0
415-575San Francisco0
415-938Point Reyes Station0
415-585San Francisco0
415-707San Francisco0
415-934San Francisco0
415-371San Francisco0
415-670San Francisco1I have told them to stop calling and a differ...
415-730San Francisco1Called asking for credit card information to ...
415-333San Francisco0
415-705San Francisco0
415-490San Francisco1Got a call from this number asking me to veri...
415-337San Francisco0
415-339Sausalito1Stated his name that he was calling from Zyng...
415-446San Rafael0
415-989San Francisco0
415-299San Geronimo0
415-402San Francisco0
415-406San Francisco0
415-492San Rafael1They’re asking for money and saying they’...
415-904San Francisco0
415-227San Francisco0
415-848San Francisco0
415-257San Rafael0
415-990San Francisco0
415-873Point Reyes Station0
415-398San Francisco0
415-414San Francisco0
415-905San Francisco0
415-902San Francisco0
415-261San Geronimo1I always receive unwanted phone calls from th...
415-625San Francisco0
415-665San Francisco0
415-731San Francisco1415-731-0771 rang me, didn't talk until a few...
415-618San Francisco0
415-259San Rafael2calling my house and my work harrassing me a...
415-714San Geronimo0
415-565San Francisco0
415-508San Francisco1Knew my name hun up
415-568San Francisco0
415-957San Francisco0
415-201San Francisco0
415-808San Francisco0
415-781San Francisco0
415-790San Francisco0
415-276San Francisco0
415-812San Bruno0
415-846San Francisco2I don't know this number. when I try to call ...
415-413Larkspur2Be Warned!!!!!This person is trying to steal ...
415-947San Francisco0

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