Area Code 650 Valid Telephone Exchanges

Area code (650) currently contains 618 local exchanges. Click an exchange below to get more information about the supported thousands digit of the phone number.

Exchange City # User Comments Last Comment From This Exchange
650-416San Bruno1This number is used in a Mystery Shopper scam...
650-742San Bruno0
650-900Los Altos1forward to police for scam and fruad told to ...
650-963Mountain View0
650-314Mountain View0
650-369Redwood City0
650-506San Carlos0
650-759San Mateo1keeps calling and doesn't say anything.
650-736Palo Alto0
650-947Los Altos0
650-483San Mateo1I got a message from this number. here is the...
650-444Palo Alto0
650-749La Honda0
650-577San Mateo0
650-396Mountain View0
650-327Palo Alto0
650-319Palo Alto1this number is answering emails that we are s...
650-786Redwood City0
650-553San Bruno0
650-370Palo Alto0
650-463Palo Alto0
650-469Los Altos0
650-215Mountain View0
650-404Mountain View0
650-679Redwood City1I do not know who is that person and I asked ...
650-826San Bruno0
650-676San Bruno1Claims that you have won sweepstakes and they...
650-952San Bruno0
650-330Palo Alto0
650-277Redwood City0
650-634San Bruno0
650-213Palo Alto0
650-341San Mateo1Calls the county jail during night hours and ...
650-688Palo Alto0
650-776Palo Alto0
650-730San Carlos0
650-651Millbrae1They said my ssn was being used for illegal a...
650-581San Mateo0
650-743Redwood City2Sends text messages, hiding themselves behind...
650-868Redwood City1Caller located in Redwood City, says somethin...
650-948Los Altos1Receiving abusive and offensive language from...
650-754Daly City0
650-361Redwood City0
650-489San Carlos0
650-614Palo Alto0
650-202San Mateo0
650-838Palo Alto0
650-221Redwood City0
650-849Palo Alto0
650-467San Bruno0
650-391Palo Alto0
650-322Palo Alto0
650-251Palo Alto0
650-293San Mateo0
650-899La Honda0
650-433Palo Alto2I am mad this number keeps calling me every D...
650-964Mountain View0
650-265Mountain View1Recording, "We're sorry, you have reache...
650-984Pacifica1Ripp off carries a gun
650-779Redwood City0
650-303San Bruno3Repeated rude texts from this number
650-718Moss Beach0
650-403San Mateo0
650-930Mountain View0
650-288San Mateo1Calls every other day or so; won't leave mess...
650-985Daly City0
650-739Palo Alto0
650-353Palo Alto1Calls multiple times a day, no message. Hsrra...
650-726Half Moon Bay0
650-386Mountain View0
650-720Half Moon Bay1Makes a variety of harrassing calls: Block...
650-587Redwood City0
650-639San Mateo0
650-690Palo Alto3I am constantly harassed by auto dial calls s...
650-292San Mateo0
650-352Palo Alto2getting calls from this number every hour and...
650-378San Mateo0
650-618Palo Alto0
650-491San Bruno0
650-473Palo Alto0
650-591San Carlos0
650-931San Mateo0
650-440Half Moon Bay0
650-877San Bruno0
650-548Burlingame1call and never say nothing
650-603Mountain View0
650-574San Mateo0
650-274San Mateo0
650-471Los Altos1Possible Credit Card Scam. Automated call wan...
650-989San Bruno0
650-539San Mateo2Keeps texting my phone about some guy I know ...
650-946Los Altos0
650-367Redwood City0
650-555San Francisco1When I find this man it will be jihad!! I wil...
650-592San Carlos0
650-296San Bruno1Sold me a broken amplifier on craigslist
650-728Moss Beach0
650-245San Mateo2Continually texted me rude comments and would...
650-992Daly City0
650-814Palo Alto0
650-832San Carlos0
650-332Menlo Park1I keep getting texts from these people from a...
650-848San Mateo0
650-596San Carlos0
650-746Daly City0
650-752Palo Alto0
650-760Redwood City0
650-497Palo Alto0
650-874San Bruno0
650-825San Bruno1called just before 9pm and no message. Part o...
650-339San Carlos1This number keeps texting me and harassing me...
650-389San Mateo0
650-835San Bruno0
650-681Palo Alto0
650-417Mountain View0
650-472Los Altos0
650-804Palo Alto1Multiple calls over multiple days
650-421Redwood City0
650-240San Mateo0
650-687Palo Alto0
650-722Redwood City0
650-935Los Altos0
650-354Palo Alto0
650-846Palo Alto0
650-632San Carlos0
650-585San Carlos0
650-917Los Altos0
650-842Palo Alto0
650-529Menlo Park0
650-222San Mateo0
650-333San Bruno0
650-812Palo Alto0
650-615San Bruno0
650-590San Carlos0
650-281San Mateo0
650-784San Bruno0
650-549Redwood City0
650-269Palo Alto0
650-763San Bruno1This phone number has called us at least 500 ...
650-851Menlo Park0
650-871San Bruno0
650-794San Bruno0
650-924Palo Alto0
650-731San Bruno0
650-238San Bruno1Called to sell supplemental health insurance ...
650-644Palo Alto0
650-872San Bruno1Repeated calls but no-one speaks
650-524San Mateo0
650-636San Bruno0
650-799Palo Alto1This number sends text messages that won't st...
650-388Palo Alto0
650-517San Carlos0
650-453San Carlos0
650-434Menlo Park0
650-599Redwood City0
650-351San Bruno2Like the other comment here, called my cell a...
650-534San Bruno0
650-922San Bruno0
650-220San Mateo0
650-755Daly City0
650-837San Bruno0
650-537Mountain View0
650-246San Bruno0
650-325Palo Alto5Caller uses Federal Express name on caller ID...
650-550Daly City3called to say i am being sued for tax fraud
650-464Redwood City1Claimed his name was Lucas
650-255San Bruno0
650-284Half Moon Bay0
650-400Redwood City0
650-968Mountain View0
650-545Mountain View0
650-392San Bruno1Accusing me that I sending her a text message...
650-847Palo Alto1this number has made numerous calls to my wor...
650-740San Mateo1Received anonymous harassing text messages. ...
650-450Mountain View1They called my cell phone. I have submitted ...
650-572San Mateo0
650-861Mountain View0
650-382San Bruno1Frickin tired of them calling and not leaving...
650-345San Mateo0
650-278San Bruno1multiple daily calls
650-598San Carlos0
650-714Palo Alto0
650-438San Bruno0
650-906Palo Alto0
650-630Palo Alto1Sending text spam.
650-535Moss Beach0
650-494Palo Alto0
650-793Mountain View0
650-200San Mateo0
650-479Half Moon Bay0
650-942Millbrae1This number calls 2-4 times a week and leave ...
650-335Mountain View0
650-470Palo Alto0
650-360San Bruno0
650-966Mountain View0
650-696Burlingame1Mills Peninsula - Cardiology Department ht...
650-787San Mateo0
650-566Palo Alto0
650-318Mountain View0
650-850Menlo Park0
650-526Mountain View0
650-383Los Altos2This cell phone belongs to a Dirty Drug Whore...
650-712Half Moon Bay0
650-808San Bruno0
650-662La Honda0
650-766San Mateo0
650-371San Mateo0
650-326Palo Alto0
650-496Palo Alto0
650-432San Mateo0
650-244San Bruno0
650-670Redwood City2Found this number attached to my PayPal acct....
650-260Redwood City0
650-617Palo Alto0
650-810Mountain View1The person keeps sending "smh" mess...
650-374Redwood City0
650-645San Mateo0
650-625Mountain View0
650-508San Carlos0
650-623Mountain View0
650-833Palo Alto0
650-387Palo Alto0
650-458San Mateo0
650-741San Bruno1Someone from this number keeps calling me and...
650-802San Carlos0
650-520San Mateo2Advertises on dating sites as drip dick. Thi...
650-567Mountain View0
650-298Redwood City0
650-949Los Altos5Have received calls from this number on sever...
650-605Mountain View0
650-628San Carlos1No idea who's calling and they won't leave a ...
650-362Redwood City0
650-412San Carlos0
650-703San Mateo0
650-498Palo Alto0
650-780Redwood City0
650-892San Bruno0
650-937Mountain View0
650-243San Bruno3Calling all day long, will not leave message,...
650-597San Carlos0
650-565Palo Alto0
650-563Moss Beach0
650-866San Bruno0
650-461Palo Alto0
650-725Palo Alto0
650-719Moss Beach0
650-669Mountain View0
650-488San Bruno1Called me under the guise of the Social Secur...
650-980Redwood City0
650-852Palo Alto0
650-365Redwood City0
650-673La Honda0
650-315San Mateo1SBC Internet Service ringing cell number. We ...
650-757Daly City0
650-305Los Altos0
650-855Palo Alto0
650-289Palo Alto0
650-411Anaheim1I got this phone call for many times, when I ...
650-873San Bruno1leaving verbal nasty messages on my phone.
650-584Mountain View0
650-921San Mateo1please block this caller thank you
650-863San Mateo0
650-207Redwood City1i do not want any harassing calls from this n...
650-210Mountain View1Calls every few days. If you try to call back...
650-398Palo Alto0
650-918San Mateo0
650-406Mountain View0
650-769San Carlos0
650-492Los Altos1Harassing, scam calls. Voicemail said: "...
650-862Palo Alto1I receive numerous hang up calls from this nu...
650-399Redwood City0
650-528Mountain View1Please stop call.
650-266San Bruno0
650-521Palo Alto0
650-230Mountain View0
650-654San Carlos0
650-429Mountain View1This caller has told me he works for fed ex a...
650-694Mountain View2i also received a text on 9/22 that my Wells ...
650-960Mountain View0
650-297Pescadero3Called twice. Want them to stop
650-249Redwood City0
650-635San Bruno1this number has been calling my cell phone ev...
650-932Mountain View0
650-390Mountain View0
650-941Los Altos0
650-478San Francisco0
650-475Palo Alto0
650-490Millbrae1keeps calling and no message!
650-372San Mateo0
650-938Mountain View0
650-482Redwood City0
650-994Daly City0
650-969Mountain View0
650-287San Mateo0
650-271San Bruno2Harassing me on text message
650-678San Mateo3Calls several times a day, but does no leave ...
650-870San Bruno0
650-533San Mateo0
650-610San Carlos0
650-477San Mateo1Called my cell #. I didn't answer and they di...
650-530Menlo Park1Scammers wanting social security number.
650-323Palo Alto0
650-570San Mateo0
650-919Mountain View0
650-208Redwood City0
650-897Moss Beach1Getting unsolicited SMS - spam
650-286San Mateo0
650-926Menlo Park0
650-965Mountain View0
650-869San Bruno0
650-276Half Moon Bay2sent harassing txt msgs from the number telli...
650-291San Bruno0
650-366Redwood City0
650-631San Carlos0
650-294San Mateo0
650-701Redwood City0
650-571San Mateo0
650-329Palo Alto0
650-798Palo Alto0
650-716Redwood City2Wont stop calling and bugging me since we sto...
650-773San Mateo0
650-544San Mateo0
650-225San Bruno0
650-381Redwood City2I'm receiving text messages from this number ...
650-813Palo Alto0
650-554San Mateo0
650-649Redwood City0
650-551San Carlos0
650-503Redwood City1They are calling with verbal abuse and threat...
650-620San Carlos0
650-940Mountain View0
650-845Palo Alto0
650-556Redwood City0
650-232San Carlos0
650-468Palo Alto0
650-619San Mateo0
650-358San Mateo1Calling incessantly for 3 weeks. Auto hangs u...
650-724Palo Alto0
650-622San Carlos1Ellen is not available to answer your call. ...
650-217San Mateo0
650-864Mountain View0
650-480Redwood City0
650-336Mountain View1Not untended I was driving for uver and chang...
650-261Redwood City0
650-704Palo Alto1Keeps texting me after i said to stop
650-721Palo Alto0
650-408San Mateo0
650-357San Mateo0
650-205San Bruno0
650-532San Mateo0
650-858Palo Alto0
650-573San Mateo0
650-349San Mateo0
650-991Daly City0
650-227San Mateo0
650-282Mountain View3Called at 10:55am and left no message. They ...
650-346San Mateo0
650-513San Mateo0
650-961Mountain View0
650-224Mountain View0
650-856Palo Alto0
650-821San Bruno0
650-283Palo Alto0
650-454Redwood City0
650-516Pacifica1This caller has called me multiple times per ...
650-235San Mateo0
650-857Palo Alto0
650-997Daly City0
650-393San Mateo0
650-933Mountain View0
650-745San Bruno0
650-394San Carlos2He is calling our company with fraudulent inf...
650-607San Carlos0
650-384Palo Alto0
650-593San Carlos1Called at 2:50 am and 3:30 am the following m...
650-228San Bruno0
650-233Menlo Park0
650-356San Mateo0
650-395Redwood City2hey stole my phone
650-428Mountain View0
650-646Palo Alto0
650-561Menlo Park1keeps calling and hanging up . over and over ...
650-413San Carlos0
650-316Mountain View0
650-377San Mateo0
650-655San Mateo0
650-201San Bruno0
650-575Palo Alto0
650-996Mountain View0
650-426Mountain View0
650-324Palo Alto0
650-209Los Altos2keeps calling, i don't answer.
650-723Palo Alto0
650-424Palo Alto0
650-515San Bruno2Tried to tell me what I can and cannot post o...
650-481Redwood City1This #16504817010 Called my # and my mother's...
650-474Redwood City0
650-829San Bruno0
650-823Los Altos0
650-641Mountain View0
650-385Redwood City2I am 100% frustrated with whomever is texting...
650-321Palo Alto0
650-368Redwood City0
650-320Palo Alto0
650-815Palo Alto0
650-827San Bruno0
650-756Daly City0
650-624San Bruno0
650-306Redwood City0
650-485Palo Alto0
650-691Mountain View0
650-218San Mateo1Spam call for fake expired warranty.
650-268Pescadero2These people left a recorded message threathi...
650-427Palo Alto0
650-801San Carlos0
650-830San Carlos3Left a message it is the utmost important tha...
650-594San Carlos0
650-589San Bruno0
650-257Redwood City1They called me 2 weeks ago claiming they had ...
650-301Daly City0
650-299Redwood City0
650-242San Mateo0
650-578San Mateo0
650-331Palo Alto0
650-234Menlo Park0
650-903Mountain View0
650-796Palo Alto0
650-486San Carlos0
650-237Mountain View1A robocall from UN-known - A health insurance...
650-859Palo Alto0
650-771Redwood City0
650-876San Bruno0
650-934Mountain View0
650-737San Bruno0
650-525San Mateo0
650-995Redwood City0
650-343Burlingame6Called at 12:09am in the morning on 9/12/18. ...
650-256San Bruno0
650-560Half Moon Bay0
650-364Redwood City0
650-878Daly City0
650-226San Carlos0
650-839Redwood City0
650-854Menlo Park0
650-263Moss Beach0
650-747La Honda0
650-559Los Altos0
650-523San Mateo1This person calls at in early morning when im...
650-853Palo Alto0
650-595San Carlos0
650-466San Bruno0
650-988Mountain View0
650-888San Mateo0
650-223Palo Alto1I was told I received a $100 Wal-Mart Gift Ca...
650-206Menlo Park2I keep getting calls saying a lawsuit and war...
650-834San Bruno1This guy sells used appliances from his truck...
650-543Palo Alto0
650-312San Mateo0
650-264San Carlos2No answer. Phone just rings.
650-279Mountain View1Hangs up after giving their name. Has called...
650-380Palo Alto0
650-317Mountain View0
650-580San Bruno0
650-562Redwood City0
650-270San Bruno1calls 10 -12 times a day, a real loser trying...
650-522San Mateo0
650-280Mountain View0
650-430San Mateo0
650-304San Carlos0
650-633San Carlos0
650-500San Carlos1I received a call today from this phone numbe...
650-363Redwood City0
650-967Mountain View0
650-817Redwood City0
650-229Los Altos1Spam/scam text about bogus contest winning
650-683Menlo Park0
650-216Redwood City0
650-843Palo Alto1Spamming my phone with TEXT messages.
650-761San Bruno0
650-568Redwood City0
650-493Palo Alto0
650-376San Mateo0
650-527Mountain View0
650-236Palo Alto0
650-993Pacifica1Keeps calling and cursing, asking for my staf...
650-588San Bruno0
650-328Palo Alto0
650-713Half Moon Bay2Unsolicited text messages received
650-295San Mateo0
650-962Mountain View0
650-616San Bruno0
650-867San Mateo0
650-462Palo Alto0
650-576San Mateo0
650-446Menlo Park0
650-241Redwood City1My coworker and I both work in southern Utah....
650-487La Honda0
650-397Los Altos0
650-504San Mateo0
650-465Redwood City0
650-693Mountain View0
650-583San Bruno0
650-748La Honda0
650-569Redwood City0
650-889Half Moon Bay0
650-943Mountain View0
650-887Los Altos0
650-637San Carlos0
650-564Mountain View0
650-682Palo Alto0
650-350San Mateo0
650-729Half Moon Bay0
650-604Mountain View0
650-642San Mateo0
650-425San Mateo1says his law firm has lawsuit against me,whic...
650-795La Honda0
650-627San Mateo0
650-758Daly City0
650-219San Bruno1Continues to call non stop. Really annoying. ...
650-275Menlo Park0
650-653San Mateo1"Welcome to Verizon Wireless. The Veri...
650-542Redwood City0
650-248Palo Alto0
650-419La Honda1Just stop calling me you are bothering me so ...
650-638San Mateo0
650-954San Mateo0
650-253Mountain View0
650-456Pescadero1Scammers asking for Amazon Gift Cards on a fa...
650-875San Bruno0
650-247Palo Alto0
650-254Mountain View1This is a call from California. They ask if ...
650-449San Bruno0
650-518Los Altos0
650-214Mountain View0
650-621Palo Alto0
650-337Pescadero1They are attempting to scam money from me and...
650-267San Bruno0
650-423Redwood City0
650-944Mountain View0

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