Area Code 858 Map and Location

Area code 858 is located in California. The approximate area that is served by this exchange is inside the circle on the map below.


Area Code 858 Valid Telephone Exchanges

Area code (858) currently contains 403 local exchanges. Click an exchange below to get more information about the supported thousands digit of the phone number.

Exchange City # User Comments Last Comment From This Exchange
858-826San Diego0
858-569San Diego1I keep getting called by this number, only to...
858-794Del Mar0
858-534San Diego0
858-905San Diego0
858-926La Jolla0
858-834San Diego0
858-381Rancho Sante Fe2They have called lots saying I have missed my...
858-450San Diego1This number has called a cell phone on my fam...
858-437San Diego1Who is David Patrick?
858-733San Diego0
858-366La Jolla0
858-573San Diego0
858-232La Jolla1This person which I do not know sent me a mes...
858-736La Jolla4Calling about a social security number scam a...
858-951Rancho Sante Fe0
858-636San Diego0
858-751San Diego0
858-492San Diego0
858-554San Diego0
858-909San Diego0
858-225San Diego2Caller made threatening phone
858-592San Diego0
858-847Del Mar0
858-829Poway1Asking me for the size of my private parts. C...
858-240San Diego0
858-763San Diego0
858-268San Diego0
858-368San Diego0
858-212Poway1call twice I did not answer get so many scamm...
858-505San Diego0
858-550San Diego0
858-233La Jolla0
858-587San Diego0
858-735Poway2sexual harrassment/ threat
858-405La Jolla0
858-609San Diego0
858-427San Diego3Wont stop calling
858-793Del Mar0
858-428San Diego1Phone number has called my parents and my boy...
858-273San Diego0
858-523Del Mar0
858-755Del Mar0
858-400Rancho Sante Fe0
858-771Rancho Sante Fe1This man calls all times of the day at my wor...
858-560San Diego1Enterprise Car Rental
858-694San Diego0
858-724Del Mar0
858-775La Jolla1Scammer scammer
858-935San Diego0
858-459La Jolla0
858-677San Diego0
858-391Poway1YES. Have received multiple calls with hang-...
858-429San Diego0
858-914Rancho Sante Fe1A male called our business asking for the own...
858-831San Diego0
858-360San Diego2Each time they call I ask them to remove my n...
858-653San Diego0
858-754La Jolla0
858-297Del Mar0
858-432San Diego0
858-207San Diego0
858-673San Diego0
858-215San Diego1Hes making threats and talking lewd comments ...
858-942San Diego0
858-204Poway1harassing, irritating
858-689San Diego0
858-245La Jolla0
858-472San Diego0
858-454La Jolla0
858-649San Diego0
858-617Del Mar0
858-777La Jolla0
858-652La Jolla0
858-434San Diego1Telemarketer keeps calling here, we are on a ...
858-481Del Mar0
858-967La Jolla0
858-655San Diego0
858-551La Jolla0
858-674San Diego0
858-541San Diego0
858-880San Diego0
858-547San Diego0
858-224La Jolla7i have been on hold for over 5 minutes. Their...
858-949San Diego0
858-518La Jolla1sent vulgar photo text 11-7
858-643San Diego0
858-277San Diego0
858-453San Diego0
858-812La Jolla0
858-216San Diego3she does everything covered. fine as hell, bu...
858-433San Diego0
858-382Poway2Reporting 858-382-7737 is TEXTING nonsense SM...
858-925Del Mar1they keep calling but never leave a message
858-859Poway4U.G.L.Y. You ain't got no alibi you ugly Eh...
858-964La Jolla0
858-779Rancho Sante Fe0
858-651La Jolla0
858-874San Diego0
858-549San Diego0
858-346La Jolla0
858-555San Diego0
858-344La Jolla0
858-452San Diego0
858-362La Jolla0
858-613San Diego0
858-750La Jolla0
858-201San Diego0
858-600San Diego0
858-227Rancho Sante Fe0
858-682Poway1fraudulent call trying to obtain banking info...
858-888La Jolla2harassing about selling do not call again
858-578San Diego0
858-442Poway3this number calls every few days and never le...
858-688San Diego0
858-530San Diego0
858-430San Diego0
858-626San Diego0
858-243Poway1This person called my direct line at work did...
858-397San Diego0
858-503San Diego0
858-848Poway1why are you calling me?
858-853San Diego0
858-228La Jolla0
858-359La Jolla0
858-431La Jolla0
858-997La Jolla4This person (a youngish sounding male), calle...
858-502San Diego0
858-625San Diego0
858-200La Jolla1they call here constantly and never leave a m...
858-901San Diego0
858-947Del Mar1Clearly person was of East Indian decent. Was...
858-348San Diego0
858-863San Diego0
858-509Del Mar0
858-231Poway204:47 AM, Wake me up with a text message alar...
858-860San Diego0
858-927San Diego0
858-300San Diego0
858-576San Diego0
858-740San Diego1Calling & texting our 13 year old daughte...
858-496San Diego0
858-480Del Mar0
858-342Del Mar1Keep getting calls from this "Kearney M...
858-375Poway118<a href="http://www.voyance-ghabriell...
858-836San Diego0
858-663Poway1SPAM/SCAM - Spanish recording offering free l...
858-536San Diego0
858-568La Jolla2Tjis person left a note on my car apologizing...
858-792Del Mar0
858-695San Diego0
858-805San Diego0
858-401La Jolla1Violated the Do No Call listing of my number....
858-676San Diego0
858-546San Diego0
858-795La Jolla1APPLE INC I do not any APPLE devices. Why a...
858-332La Jolla0
858-347Del Mar0
858-605San Diego0
858-866La Jolla3i just purchased this phone, i need to get in...
858-369Del Mar0
858-485San Diego0
858-444San Diego0
858-455San Diego0
858-404San Diego0
858-218Poway1Unsolicited text message. " Google #5560...
858-234San Diego0
858-456La Jolla0
858-952La Jolla0
858-922La Jolla1Called at 8:45am, didn't leave a message
858-483San Diego0
858-440La Jolla0
858-564San Diego0
858-274San Diego0
858-678San Diego1the person is calling me about unlimited ca...
858-635San Diego0
858-521San Diego0
858-581San Diego0
858-525San Diego0
858-822San Diego1This woman is a METH addict who sells dope in...
858-349La Jolla1They are calling people saying the IRS has fi...
858-526San Diego0
858-633San Diego2Scammer, pretending to be IRS and shaking fol...
858-882La Jolla0
858-357San Diego0
858-877San Diego0
858-270San Diego0
858-538San Diego1This telephone never has called numerous time...
858-552San Diego0
858-202San Diego0
858-630San Diego1Spam caller
858-966San Diego0
858-837San Diego0
858-618San Diego0
858-780San Diego0
858-410La Jolla0
858-764Del Mar0
858-774San Diego0
858-504Rancho Sante Fe0
858-864La Jolla0
858-597San Diego0
858-217San Diego1I keep getting phone calls from this number. ...
858-923Rancho Sante Fe0
858-535San Diego0
858-886San Diego0
858-514San Diego0
858-658San Diego0
858-924San Diego0
858-832Rancho Sante Fe0
858-205Del Mar0
858-716San Diego0
858-974San Diego0
858-654San Diego0
858-705San Diego0
858-314Del Mar0
858-537San Diego0
858-345Del Mar5Would not identify who the were with. Repeate...
858-752La Jolla1Totally crazy woman with mental problems.
858-495San Diego0
858-558San Diego1Says he is my nephew in San Diego...I have no...
858-278San Diego0
858-336La Jolla1I did not pick up.
858-488San Diego0
858-412La Jolla1STOP calling. These people are telemarketing ...
858-484San Diego0
858-876Del Mar1Went to see Summer James and was cautious fro...
858-244San Diego0
858-622San Diego0
858-759Rancho Sante Fe1Who ever keeps asking for job then laughs sou...
858-939San Diego0
858-457San Diego1This is a Old bitter man, calling me at all h...
858-875La Jolla0
858-769San Diego1If anybody is getting calls from this ASSHOLE...
858-324San Diego1Still unsure of caller identity, but when I t...
858-638San Diego0
858-692La Jolla0
858-380San Diego2Text received saying 'hi Julie, it's Jenny. A...
858-220La Jolla1consistent calls
858-208Poway1Numerous harrassing phone calls asking questi...
858-494San Diego0
858-824San Diego0
858-583San Diego0
858-436Del Mar1Multiple crank calls in evening
858-642San Diego0
858-623San Diego0
858-206Poway1Calls way before dawn and leaves no message. ...
858-845La Jolla0
858-842Poway1Been getting numerous calls at all times of t...
858-527San Diego0
858-815San Diego0
858-467San Diego0
858-798San Diego0
858-577San Diego0
858-487San Diego0
858-309San Diego3A robocall from AIG Direct Life INsurance - A...
858-408San Diego0
858-272San Diego0
858-361La Jolla0
858-222La Jolla3dwd
858-810San Diego0
858-621San Diego0
858-365San Diego0
858-634San Diego1calling me saying that i missed a hearing dat...
858-756Rancho Sante Fe0
858-707San Diego0
858-720Del Mar0
858-717San Diego0
858-364San Diego0
858-672San Diego0
858-352La Jolla1This number calls twice a day everyday of the...
858-586San Diego0
858-946San Diego0
858-776San Diego1a
858-490San Diego0
858-271San Diego0
858-712San Diego0
858-519Del Mar0
858-524San Diego1continual hang-ups
858-610San Diego1Send nude pictures on his FIRST text to my nu...
858-461Del Mar0
858-373La Jolla0
858-237San Diego0
858-337La Jolla0
858-210La Jolla2leaving wait music on voicemail
858-646San Diego0
858-539San Diego0
858-458San Diego1Sept. 15 2011 Call for yellow page add and I ...
858-320San Diego0
858-598San Diego0
858-603San Diego0
858-943San Diego0
858-879San Diego1whose number is this ??? and why he harrasing...
858-353Del Mar0
858-371San Diego1Claims to be a SDSO Sgt. calling to clear a w...
858-565San Diego0
858-571San Diego0
858-627San Diego0
858-869La Jolla0
858-566San Diego0
858-219San Diego0
858-715San Diego0
858-790San Diego1I keep getting collect call requests from thi...
858-376San Diego1Hang up on this person-CRAZY!
858-229San Diego0
858-414San Diego0
858-753San Diego2Left me a message saying that me or my attorn...
858-356Del Mar1This person just started calling my phone. He...
858-650San Diego0
858-493San Diego0
858-312San Diego0
858-784San Diego0
858-799La Jolla1multiple harrassing calls-caller stays silent...
858-728San Diego0
858-945La Jolla2claimed to be a RE investor but lied about he...
858-531La Jolla1calls every day at 1030am. stop the calls
858-354La Jolla1if she calls me and hngs up she lies that i c...
858-657San Diego0
858-384San Diego0
858-684San Diego0
858-246La Jolla0
858-499San Diego0
858-616San Diego0
858-637San Diego0
858-350Del Mar0
858-737San Diego0
858-856San Diego0
858-772San Diego0
858-704Del Mar0
858-304San Diego0
858-213Poway1These FILIPINO speaking callers keep calling ...
858-693San Diego0
858-713La Jolla0
858-731La Jolla0
858-522San Diego1this caller has actually been pretending to b...
858-385San Diego0
858-675San Diego0
858-683San Diego0
858-292San Diego0
858-259Del Mar0
858-333La Jolla5Spam text message sent on 7/22/2012
858-334San Diego0
858-570San Diego0
858-729La Jolla0
858-451San Diego0
858-699La Jolla0
858-703Del Mar1is numbet se mujhe gandi gali vala massage aa...
858-279San Diego0
858-367Rancho Sante Fe5Claimed warrant for arrest due to failure to ...

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